Changes Ahead!

As we mentioned before, Yroo is always trying to make the site better for you. This past week we’ve been going through all your messages and have worked hard to make the following changes. We hope these will make your Yroo experience even better!

Clearer FAQ’s

A lot of you have been messaging us asking questions about Yroo. So recently we made our FAQ page much easier to find! Now, once you’re logged in, just click on your profile picture located in the top right corner where a drop down box will appear. At the bottom you will find a link to our FAQ page. That page, called “Knowledge Base”, will have the answers to all your questions.

 More Curated Accounts 

Since the feedback on our curated accounts has been so positive we decided to create even more! Now you can follow our accounts on pets, technology, sports, health and fitness as well as travel. We will be adding more accounts as we go along so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear it.

Also, if you haven’t already, fell free to follow our original accounts about women’s, men’s and kid’s fashion as well as everything you need for your home!

So that’s all the updates we have for now! Feel free to message us anytime with more suggestions through our Facebook!

Happy Shopping!


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