School Supplies you Actually Need

Every year, usually towards the end of August, students run rampant trying to get their supplies they think they might need for the new year. They crowd surf from the parking lot into Staples, and try to fill up a cart or two with binderscolorful folders and duo-tangs, notepads, calculators, pencil cases, highlighters, gel pens, erasers, protractors, and latest and greatest mechanical pencils. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. So many shiny items that just lure you in – except you can’t eat them.

And then, just like your parents anticipated, you realize that half of those “Oh, I’ll definitely need this” items are useless within the first few weeks of school. So here’s a list of practical school supplies you really need:

1. Backpack

Even if you already have one from last year, don’t underestimate the amount of homework you may have to schlep home this year. Backpacks take a beating, and you may as well get one now cause you’re likely going to need a replacement before the end of the year. Get a good one with thicker straps and lots of support. Herschel Supply Co. is one of our favorite brands.


2. Laptop and adapter

If you prefer to type your notes, make sure you bring your laptop and equally as important, your adapter. There are many pros and cons of the laptop method, pros being that you can probably type faster than you can write, it’s always legible, and you can organize your digital documents easily. The major con is distractions like social media and instant messaging.

3. A big, durable, zipper binder

Now that you’ve realized you can’t fit all your separate binders for each class into your bag, combine your subjects into one bigger, better binder.

4. Lined notebooks

Instead of dealing with scattered loose papers that have ripped out of your binder, keep your notes together and organized in a lined paper notebook. Plus, they come in a variety of patterns and designs.


5. White out

Keep your notes clean and easy to study from by having some white out on hand. Mistakes are bound to happen, but white out makes them unhappen!

6. Stainless steel tumbler 

Whether you use it for hot or cold coffee in the morning, water throughout the day, or afternoon tea, a stainless steel tumbler is an essential item to keep you awake and hydrated while you’re in class.


7. Hand sanitizer

You’re going to be touching a lot of doors, desks, chairs, keyboards, and money. Hand sanitizer is definitely an essential item when it comes to protecting yourself from potential germs going around. Tip: use it before you eat your lunch or snacks.

8. Music

Whether you have some music on your phone, iPod, or other device; music will get you through the day. Listen to something motivating when you’re on your way to school in the mornings, or perhaps the news to hear about what’s going on in the world. Also, many people find that ambient music makes for greater productivity. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with listening to your favorite song on repeat all day long.


9. Lanyard

Keep your house key, car key, locker key, bus pass, and even your hand sanitizer all on a lanyard. This will make it easy to find when rummaging through your backpack.

10. Lunch bag

Plastic grocery bags are for bringing groceries home. Yet many people face the struggles of bringing their lunch in them. Forget that and get an insulated lunch bag and your fruit will never be bruised again!

We hope these items will help make this school year a breeze. And remember, you can shop on Yroo for great deals and the convenience of having items arrive at your doorstep or dormstep. Because no one needs to try on a lunch bag.

Happy Shopping!


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