Football Entertaining on a Budget

Summer is over, and all the homebodies are rejoicing! No more family picnics or weddings to go to on weekends, just good old fashion game day football for the next 4 months. And even if you’re a socialite, you can probably admit that going out all the time gets expensive. So a great way to save while still seeing friends and family is by having them over for game day.

And here’s how to do it on a budget:


There’s nothing wrong with encouraging everyone to bring a little something. That way, everyone can get creative and even determine their signature dish! Plus, even if your guests hate everything else on the table, they’ll likely eat their own so no one will have a case of too much beer and not enough food to absorb it. There are some great crock pot recipes that are delicious and easy to make, like chilli, pulled pork, and spinach dip.

Pulled Pork in a crock pot

Go green

Since football season is mainly during the colder months, it’s a good idea to ensure your home or man cave is energy efficient. Otherwise, your friends and family aren’t likely to keep returning if it’s a little drafty, forcing you to go out to a bar. Also, you’ll save on your heating bill! There are some great energy efficient solutions on Yroo, including lighting and curtains. Also, weather permitting, stick your beers in the snow outside to keep them cold rather than using the fridge!

Beers in the snow

Don’t use fancy serving dishes

Wood cutting boards work perfectly for serving cheese and crackers. And there’s nothing wrong with serving food in the very dish it was made in, like your braised meat or pasta dish in a dutch oven.

Wooden cutting board with cheese

Pick your decorations

There are a ton of great finds on Yroo that you can add to your collection and price watch! See our post: Top Brands to Shop for all your NFL Swag for some ideas. Walmart is a great option for more affordable game day decor.

Game Day Decor

 We hope this will make it easier and more cost effective for all your football entertainment needs! Because it’s not just about having people over, it’s about sharing the memories and company of your family and friends.

Happy saving!


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