Autumn Décor Ideas

One of the greatest times of year has begun; autumn. Or fall, whichever you prefer. Tomato tomawto. And just like your wardrobe has adjusted to the weather and you look fantastic in your boots and your infinity scarf holding your pumpkin spiced latté, it’s important that you don’t neglect your home! Why not make it look and feel as cozy as you do. So here are some great Autumn décor ideas to inspire you:

Think fire

Fire up your wood stove, gas fireplace, or flip to the fireplace channel to create a warm and cozy ambiance. If you don’t want to have a fire, lighting a scented candle or simply displaying some wood also adds Autumn charm.


Warm accents

Warm things up by targeting your accents: pillows, throws, rugs, door mats, comforters, towels, and curtains. It’s a great way to Autumn-up your space while still staying on budget!

Accent pillows, throws, and rug.

Spice up your flowers

Whether you have fresh or dried flowers in or outside your home, try to use rustic Autumn colours like burgundy reds, mustard yellows, amber oranges, and olive greens. Having company this evening? A quick and free way to add some fall foliage in a pinch is by going outside and gathering some leaves and twigs. Fall is all bout bringing the outdoors in.

Center piece with autumn leaves

Set your table

Even if you aren’t expecting anyone, keep your table looking like you are. Put your own center piece together and a couple of scented candles around it. Use a wooden cutting board as a serving tray or mat, and stack some natural wooden coasters. Layer your plates and be sure to have some rustic colored napkins. Better yet, just move your table outside.

Dining table outside decorated for fall.

Season your pantry

So now you’re dressed for the season, you live in the season, it’s time to eat (and drink) the season. Make sure to load up on items like pumpkin purée, pecans, brown sugar, sweet potatoes, beets, garlic, and squash. And if you’re not really into cooking, baby pumpkins and cinnamon sticks can add to your decor. For drinks, make sure your wine rack is stalked and you’ve got some Guinness or Irish Cream on hand.

Wine, grapes, and cheese on a rock

Well there you have it. Everything for you to decorate your space for arguably the most beautiful time of year. And don’t forget, you can find everything you need at the best possible price with your shopping search engine: Yroo.

Happy Autumn!


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