5 Trendy Halloween Costumes for 2015

Not a clue what to be for Halloween this year? Or maybe you’re tired of using the same costume over and over again? Don’t fret! Yroo has you covered. Whether you’re going to a dance, house party, bar, or trick-or-treating, we’ve got a list of the 5 trendiest costumes for 2015.

1. Minions

Yroo has some super cute Minion costumes for adults, kids, and even your dog!

Dogs in minion costumes

2. Sons of Anarchy

Bring out your inner biker and no one will mess with you at the Halloween bash! Grab a vest or jacket to pair with jeans or black leather pants and your costume is complete. Also works great as a couples costume as Jax and Tara!

Jax and Tara from Sons of Anarchy

3. Queen Elsa

The Queen Elsa costume is still going strong this year for both little girls and big! Find the beautiful gown from Frozen and all the accessories to go with it including gloves, tiaras, wigs and wands!

Queen Elsa costume

4. Zombies

Maybe you’re more into the Walking Dead than Sons of Anarchy. Maybe you love blood and gore and makeup. Or maybe you just have a fascination with Zombies! Whatever the reason, zombies make for a freaky and trendy costume for 2015, and you can get creative!

Zombies walking

5. Star Wars

With The Force Awakens coming out soon, be ahead of the Star Wars trend this Halloween! Whether it’s a super cute Yoda or R2D2 costume for the kids, a Jawa or Darth Vader for the guys, or a sexy Stormtrooper or Princess Leia for the ladies, Yroo has it all! Plus find all your Star Wars accessories like light sabers, gloves, and masks.

Woman dressed in Eewok costume

Well there you have it. Our top picks for trendy Halloween costumes this year for yourself, your kids, and your pet. Need more inspiration? Feel free to browse Yroo and use the search filters to take advantage of the our online shopping engine.

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Find them all through Yroo: everything for you.

Happy Halloween-ing!


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