How to Stay Warm, Dry, and Healthy this Fall

For many, the picture perfect harvest colors and fallen leaves don’t last very long before the temperature drops and your body becomes vulnerable to the effects of the changing seasons. The odds of catching colds and other bothers such as dry skin, chapped lips, and aching bones are pretty high, and it’s important you make your life easier by staying warm, dry, and healthy!


Here’s the good news: much of these consequences are caused simply by lack of sleep! Our bodies and internal clocks become tricked by the lack of daylight especially in late afternoons. Since it’s getting darker earlier, we tend to lose our sense of timing and we feel like our whole day has shifted later by a few hours. Try eating dinner no later than 7:00pm and get ready for bed by 9:30pm so you can be laying in bed either reading or watching your favourite show by 10:00pm, and hopefully, asleep by 11:00pm. Setting a schedule and developing a routine will help you battle the lack of sleep and sunshine. For more serious cases, try using light therapy and take some Vitamin D during the day and Melatonin at night.

Woman sleeping in her urban apartment.

Shop online

Also, a great way to save time in the evenings for sleep is by doing your shopping online of course! From clothes to school supplies to everyday household items from Walmart, online shopping can help you stay stress free and help you stay indoors. Your work day is long enough and you deserve to go home and have your shopping list arrive at your doorstep.

Couple relaxing on porch with coffee and macbook doing some online shopping.

Cozy attire

Another key practice is dressing for the weather! That doesn’t just mean investing in a warm parka for winter, but also getting all the fall essentials like scarves, hats, and glovesYroo has everything for you to stay warm and dry – no excuses.

Girl sitting on steps with boots, leg warmers, a sweater, and a scarf.

Keep bacteria at bay

And finally, last but certainly not least – hand washing. It’s important to wash your hands whenever possible with soap! Especially if you live in an urban setting, the amount of times you touch doors, handles, keyboards, your phone, and your wallet will astound you. Tip: keep a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or bag at all times!

Hand washing

Stay healthy!


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