All About “Social Shopping” with Yroo

In the last few years, Social Shopping websites have boomed all over the world. From catalogue sites like Amazon to deal sites like Groupon to auction sites like eBay and even marketplace sites like Etsy, all of these websites have their own forms of social interaction between their products and their shoppers, and their shoppers’ friends.

To put it in a nutshell, Social Shopping is a method of e-commerce that involves shoppers’ friends in the online shopping experience.

Check out this infographic for a more visual explanation:

yroo infographic on social shopping

As the best search engine with all your favorite brands in once place and now housing eBay and AmazonYroo is always growing and improving the Social Shopping aspect. Whether it’s by finding friends, favoriting products to your collection, sharing your collections, or our most recent feature; the ability to see how many times a product has been favorited! And soon to come, we’ll be adding the ability to simply “like” items on Yroo without necessarily adding them to a collection.

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Social Shopping benefits retailers just as much as it benefits shoppers. It gives them another environment to sell their products, and an idea of how shoppers feel based on what they communicate with their friends during the buying decision process. It really is a win/win!

Happy Social Shopping!


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