Must Bring Items for your Thanksgiving Road Trip

There’s only one more weekend until Thanksgiving, which means only one more weekend to get everything in order for your family gathering! Maybe you’re hosting and you’ve got a million things to do around the house – from the cleaning, the shopping, the prepping, cooking, laundry, Scandal on Thursdays, Football on Sundays, walking the dog, cleaning up after the dog, and more shopping and cooking. But maybe you’re heading to someone else’s house! A relative or friend, on your side or your significant other’s side.

But before you think you’re off the hook – remember that travelling for Thanksgiving has a list of it’s own things to take care of. So, to help you not lose your cool, we’ve got all the essential must bring items for your Thanksgiving road trip!

1. Overnight bag

Bring your favorite duffel bag and load it up with your pyjamas, clean clothes for tomorrow, toiletries like your toothbrush and face wash, and anything else you’d need in the mornings such as deodorant and makeup. A good way to organize yourself is by packing one bag for you and your significant other and another bag for the kids. Even if you don’t plan on staying over, Thanksgiving tends to involve a lot of turkey eating, and we all know what happens when you eat a lot of turkey… Goodnight.

2.  Electronics

If there’s one thing we can thank technology for, it’s the ability to occupy our kids for hours on end. If you’re going to be on the road for more than a couple hours, it’s important to bring music, movies, headphones – lots of headphones, backup batteries, chargers, eReaders, and other portable game consoles. Be careful about streaming music and movies though, you don’t want to go over your data limit!

3. Snacks

Food! Another great way to stay occupied on your road trip. Remember, you’re probably going to have a feast in the evening so pack lighter, healthy snacks such as apple slices, almonds, cheese, and crackers. Also bring some water to stay hydrated! Yroo has 6,993 lunch bags to choose from to keep your snacks fresh and your kids content.

4. Pillows

Pillows are essential for any road trip when you just need to take a little break and your head starts feeling like it weighs 10 pounds. Whether the kids need a nap in the backseat, or you’re taking turns driving, it’s important to get some shut eye when needed.

5. Your Thanksgiving Food and Drink

Of course, don’t forget about your homemade addition to the Thanksgiving feast! Don’t know what to make? No worries – we wrote a blog on easy and delicious recipes for Thanksgiving like bacon wrapped asparagus and green bean casserole. For drinks, we recommend bringing some wine, your favorite beer, or some Irish cream.

Remember, you can find exactly what you’re looking for through our search engine!

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