Entertaining Tips to Help you Ring in the New Year!

Sometimes, Christmas steals the spotlight. We start getting ready for it right after Halloween and Thanksgiving and then in the blink of an eye, it’s over! So let’s put the spotlight on New Year’s for a change. Because no matter what country or religion or background you come from, we can all celebrate the coming of a new year.

While many like to go out on New Year’s Eve to various bars, clubs, dinners, parks and squares, it’s just as fun to stay home and host your friends and family. Here are some tips to do it right!

Lots of food

Traditionally, New Year’s eve includes some sort of booze. No matter your poison – champagne, wine, martinis, dark and stormies, or Irish cream on ice. That’s why it’s extra important to have some hearty munchies on hand! Some easy and sure to please munchies include chips and salsa or spinach dip, veggies and dip, a shrimp ring, cheese or chocolate fondue, garlic bread or bruschetta, or try something fun like pigs in a blanket.

Party food.

Good tunes

The best advice ever: stay away from YouTube. You’ll end up with awkward silences between songs and your guests might end up fighting for the next request! Instead, use a music genre streaming service like Songza, Google Music, or Spotify.

Picture of a record player in use.

Plan some games

Chatting is always nice, but why not entertain your guests with some fun games like Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Scattegories, or Heads Up! Try a guessing game where each person writes down their new year’s resolution on a piece of paper and then everyone takes turns drawing them out of a hat and then guess who each resolution belongs to!

Group of friends playing the party game "Heads Up".

The Tube

Turn on the TV to a station that is counting down until midnight. If you can find a live broadcast from Times Square, you can countdown with millions of people nationwide and watch the ball drop!

Picture of the famous "ball drop".

Set up a guest room

Just in case you’ve all had too much fun and a guest or two needs somewhere to crash, be sure to make up a bed with clean sheets and toiletries. Don’t risk spoiling a great evening with the pressure of your guests driving home after they’ve had a few drinks. It’s no big deal to spend the night and wake up to a killer home cooked breakfast the next morning. Mmm, bacon.

Guest bedroom.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!


Champagne Toast.

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