Friday Feature: Cashmere Boutique

Cashmere Boutique is the world’s number one online source for all cashmere products including robes, scarves, shawls, socks, sweaters, throws, blankets, and a whole lot more.  Founded in 1999, Cashmere Boutique has acquired over 100,000 loyal customers from around the world. But not only is Cashmere Boutique a great source for a quality selection, it has a few other schticks including excellent customer service, free ground shipping on all orders in the US, and the best part? Their merchandise is sold at manufacturer prices.

Pure cashmere sweaters.

Woman wearing a grey cashmere scarf.

Cashmere throw blanket.

But what’s so special about cashmere, anyway?

Woman in a lush cashmere wrap.

Super soft cashmere wool can only come from a cashmere goat. We call it wool, similarly to sheep wool but in fact, cashmere is made from the goat’s hair. This cashmere hair is known for being very fine in texture, lightweight, and yet strong. It’s also much softer than regular sheep wool and provides three times as much insulation. Yep, it’s pretty awesome.

Baby Cashmere Goat cuddles.

So head to Yroo now and get your cashmere on with Cashmere Boutique!

Happy Shopping!


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