Planning your Valentine’s Day Outfit

Whether you’re flying solo this Valentines, hanging out with friends, or having a romance filled evening with your other half, it’s always nice to plan your outfit and feel like the showstopper that you are.

Comfort is key

Woman wearing pointed leather flats with a heart design.

To your heart. Really though – if you look like a million bucks but feel like a student loan, it’s time to change your outfit into something a little more wearable. Start with super comfy skivvies now 25% off at American Apparel. Then add some punchy colors like deep red, ultra violet, and royal blue. And you don’t need to wear sky-high stilettos, Yroo has a ton of super cute kicks that will get your heels tapping! Check out 6PM, Ashbury Skies, and Nordstrom’s Last Call selection for a good starting point.

Rosy reds

Taylor Swift wearing her signature red lipstick.

And we’re not just talking about the wine. Now’s the time to rock that firetruck red lipstick and bat those super long lashes. Browse some unique makeup stores on Yroo including Charlotte Tilbury,, and Marcelle. Pucker up!


Woman with flowy hair.

We can’t forget about the flow! The perfect flow will have your date wondering if they’re awake or still dreaming. Whether you want tight ringlets or loose beach waves, Yroo has you covered. One of our personal favorite products on Yroo is the Beachwaver because it does the work for you!

Woman wearing pantyhose with hearts on them.

Remember, even if you aren’t going on an extravagant date night and you’re more into relaxing at home with a bottle of wine, a tub of ice cream, and a Jessica Jones marathon on Netflix, the most important thing is impressing yourself. You deserve it!

Happy Valentines!


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