Yroo Hacks

As you probably know by now, Yroo has over 1,500 merchants and 90 million products, making it the largest and fastest growing shopping search engine in the world. And while that’s pretty amazing, that’s also a lot of stuff to browse through!

So in combination with our smart search filters, the team here at Yroo has come up with a few tricks of our own to help us find exactly what we’re looking for, and we thought we’d share them with you!

1. Link to a product directly

See something you really like but don’t want to search for it again? No problem! You can copy and save the exact link to that product by using this easy shortcut. Just right click and hit “copy link address”.

2. Exclude a specific store or brand

This saves you from having to go back to your filters and selecting all the stores or brands you want to see results from. Simply type in what you’re searching for and minus what you don’t want to see, just like Google! For example, type in “Women’s rain boots -Walmart”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.57.49 PM

3. Only see things that are on sale

This will ensure that every single item in your search result will be discounted. Just enter 1% on the left side of the custom discount range filter.

“As someone who shops online a lot, I wanted to find the best deal. I almost never pay full price for anything!”
-Emily, Web Developer at Yroo

Using the discount % filter on Yroo.

4. Create a secret collection

Click the heart icon to favorite an item to a collection – but not any collection, a collection that only you can see! Beside the name of the collection, click where it says “Public” to change it to “Private”. This really comes in handy when you’re shopping for gifts.

How to create a secret collection on Yroo.

5. Get notified when your favorite items drop in price

Retailers are always changing their prices. So to help you get the best deal, just click on the heart icon to favorite an item to a collection, then check your message notifications (by clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner) to see which of them has dropped in price! Don’t forget, we’ll send you an email too.Message notifications in Yroo.

6. Use your desktop browser’s address bar to search in Yroo

So this one’s pretty cool. Without having to go to yroo.com, you can shop smart right in your browser’s address bar and save an extra step!

“I’ve always thought that any search engine should allow you to search from your browser’s address bar and I was delighted to find out that I could do all my shopping that way with Yroo!”
-Gillian, Web Developer at Yroo

Searching on Yroo through a web browser URL.

But it’s a bit different depending on which browser you use. Here’s a breakdown:

Chrome: After having used Yroo to search, you will be able to type “yroo.com <your search terms here>” in your address bar to search from Yroo.

Firefox: When on yroo.com, the looking glass in the search bar will have a “+” in a green circle. Click on it and choose ‘Add “Yroo”’ to add yroo.com to your search engines. You can then type your search terms in the search bar and click the Yroo logo among the logos below to make it a Yroo search.

Safari: After having used Yroo to search, you will be able to type “yroo.com <your search terms here>” in your address bar. You should see the option to search directly on yroo.com.

So there you have them, our very own insider Yroo hacks! If you’ve discovered a cool way to use Yroo, help spread the word and let us know on Social Media. Because these aren’t really just Yroo hacks, these are life hacks that will help you shop smart, get what you want, save money, and save time.

Happy Hacking!


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