Friday Feature: Apartment Number 9

Based in the heart of the Bucktown neighborhood in the Windy City, Apartment Number 9 is a men’s clothing boutique that boasts expertly tailored cuts, impeccable fit, classic styles, and subtle details. Throughout the opening of their first store in 2001 and their second store in LA in 2004, Apartment Number 9 has clearly made an effort to seek out only the most classic, quality brands in the fashion world. Apartment Number 9 has curated their collection of men’s clothing, accessories, footwear, and swimwear, not missing any of the essentials along the way like our beloved Daniel Wellington watches or Converse Chuck Taylors. Its style rests in a blissful place, somewhere between hipster-chic and James Bond. It will have you covered from head to toe with it’s charming and confident “let’s take over the world, gentlemen” feeling.

Man skateboarding in a suit.

What we love most about Apartment Number 9 is that every piece whether it’s a blazer, a beanie, or a belt– all fit together into an outfit that can easily be dressed up. It’s practical, efficient, and effortless. Why complicate matters? Shopping from Apartment Number 9 feels like walking into a giant wardrobe where you can mix and match every single piece.

Model wearing Thom Browne clothing.

And despite its little size, Apartment Number 9 has some huge ambition! They’ve done some impressive collabs with designers and brands including Thom BrowneRed Wing Heritage, Rag & Bone, and Canada Goose.

Pair of black men's boots.

Canada Goose jacket.

So if you’re in need of a wardrobe revamp, or you have a friend, family member, or maybe your bae that could use some simple can’t-screw-up outfits, Apartment Number 9 is your go-to. Because it’s not just about having all these great clothes, it’s about going out there looking brilliant at that job interview. It’s about attracting the right attention wherever you are, and feeling comfortable in your own skin and what you wear over it!

Dos Equis guy saying "I don't always get this fashion thing right, but when I do, I thank Yroo".

Happy Shopping!


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