Friday Feature: Skagen

Skagen was founded in 1989 and is named after a village in Denmark where the North and Baltic sea meet. It specializes in watches, jewelry and leather accessories but also carries a unique selection of gifts and stationary. Its style is meant to combine the Danish design perspective with a contemporary feel. Even though we didn’t know how to pronounce it (we even had to find this video), Skagen is pretty cool.


We really love Skagen because it offers all of the “can’t-go-wrong” wardrobe staples without compromising on quality. They’re made to be worn all day every day, to match with any outfit, and to offer a modern and practical look that you can rely on.

Like this beautiful and practical pink leather bucket bag just in time for Spring.

Pink leather bucket style bag from Skagen.

Or their signature Krøyer bag with hidden pockets.

Man wearing a leather backpack from Skagen.

Or, all of their amazing watches.

Women wearing a Skegan watch with a moon symbol on it.

There are even bags made for your commute, (so Danish).

The Tornby commuter bag from Skagen strapped to a bike.

Also, Skagen is committed to ethical manufacturing practices. They monitor their materials, their factories, and the amount of energy being used to produce their products. From their point of view (and ours), global growth isn’t about hitting sales targets, it’s about operating in the most sustainable way possible to help our planet.

Sweeping up litter on the streets of Denmark.

So, whether you pronounce it Sk-ah-gen or Sk-ay-gen, head over to Yroo now and treat yourself to a quality piece that you will thank every day for looking fantastic and making your life a little easier, whether it be a bag, a watch, a wallet, cufflinks, or jewelry. Because shopping smart isn’t just about finding the best deal, it’s also about finding the best products that you’ll love forever.

Puppy pawing a pink Skagen bag.

Happy Shopping!


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