Top Hiking Essentials

Hiking has really made a comeback in the last 10 years, after being most popular in the 60’s and 70’s and before that, back to the early 1900’s when a number of national parks and trails were created including the John Muir trail, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, the Appalachian Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail (as seen in the movie Wild) throughout the 1930’s.

But what separates hiking from walking? Well, although in the UK any length of a walk is still called walking, in North America we consider any long walk with mixed terrain, usually on a trail to be a hike. But it’s not just about the physical challenge that hiking poses, it’s also about the romance of it. Turns out, hiking greatly benefits both your physical and mental health.

Hiking woman pauses in mountain forest, smiling, mountains.

So here are 10 things you should bring hiking with you this summer:

1.  Backpack

Osprey women's hiking backpack in teal blue.

We especially love the packs from Osprey but there are a ton more brands on Yroo!

2. Hiking Boots

Vasque brand women's hiking boot.

Vasque is a very well-known brand of hiking boots.

3. Tent

Marmot orange hiking tent.

This Marmot tent only weighs 4 pounds. And when you’re hiking, less is always more.

4. Portable Water Filter

Ceramic portable water filter from Backcountry.

Don’t even try to bring “enough water” for your hike. Just bring a good water purifier like this ceramic one from Backcountry. It screws right onto your Nalgene bottle.

5. Hiking Poles

Collapsable hiking poles.

You might think you don’t need these, but once old people begin passing you on the trail and you notice they have hiking poles, you’ll reconsider.

6. Moleskin

Moleskin hiking bandaids from Cabela's.

Not the notebooks – the bandaids. Nothing ruins a hike like blistering heels so grab this perfect “Adventure Medical Kit” with 22 pre-cut Moleskin dressings from Cabela’s.

7. Flashlight

Small LED flashlight.

Did you really hear a bear or is your mind playing tricks on you? Find out with this compact yet powerful LED flashlight with a distance of 145 feet.

8. Portable Stove

Portable hiking stove from MSR.

Wake up to a bowl of hot, fresh oatmeal thanks to this MSR portable stove that comes with a lifetime warranty.

9. Fire Starter

Magnesium fire starter.

This is the most reliable way to start a fire. But also bring lighters and matches in a waterproof container.

10. Food

Hiking food from BackPacker's Pantry.

Turns out, hikers have learned a thing or two from the astronauts. And one is how to make instant food delicious! Backpacker’s Pantry has a ton of great meals including Beef Stew, Santa Fe Chicken, Pad Thai, Chilli, and even Cheesecake – just add water.

Possibly the best part about hiking is that it gives back so much more than it costs. Besides this essential gear, all you need is a positive outlook. Whether you’re going for a morning hike, a day hike, a weekend hike, or a 6-month hike along the entire Pacific Crest Trail, we’ve got everything for you! Including some honorable mentions like clothing, first aid kit, sleeping bag, compass, map, portable charger, insect repellant, and sunblock.

Quote from John Muir.

Happy Trails!


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