Top 10 Most Amazing Pool Toys

If you grew up with a pool in the backyard, chances are you had a lot of friends. And today even the faint whiff of chlorine is enough to trigger a happy memory of splashing around in the pool. Whether you had water wings or pool noodles or maybe you were a SuperSoaker CPS 2000 type of person, those were the best times.

1. Pizza Slice Lounge

Woman relaxing on an inflatable pizza slice.

2. Inflatable Birds

People lounging in inflatable birds in a pool.

3. Epic Slip n’ Slide

Tropical themed Slip n' Slide water toy.

4. Starfighter Super Squirter

Boy playing in an inflatable Star Wars pool toy.

5. Gigantic Donut

Giant inflatable sprinkle donut pool toy.

6. Mermaid Fin

Little girl on the beach with a mermaid fin toy.

7. Inflatable Slide

Kids playing on an inflatable slide by the pool.

8. Watermelon Ball

Inflatable pool ball that looks like half a watermelon.

9. Golf Game

Golf putting game floating on the pool.

10. Shark Fin

Shark fin statue by the pool.

Honorable mention: Floating Bar

Floating beer cooler in a pool.

As you can see, pool toy technology has come a long way! We had to take a good look through our thousands of pool accessories to narrow down this list. Some of these toys are useful, some are relaxing, and some require skill. But all of them are fun.

Puppy sitting in the middle of a pool float that looks like a donut.

Happy Swimming!


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