Friday Feature: Lodge

If we told you there was a gadget on the market that could bake a cake on the barbecue, press a panini over a campfire, and let you cook a diner-style breakfast from the comfort of your own kitchen, you might wonder just how many arms and legs it would cost you and how fast it would fall apart. Well, if you’ve ever used duct tape, you’ll know that the simplest tools are always best, which is why the makers of cast iron cookware at Lodge have created sturdy skillets to outlive almost every cooking doodad and thingamabob you can imagine.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

With a Lodge pan, dutch oven, or griddle, you can pretty much make anything. Want to bake a family-sized chocolate chip cookie over an open flame? Give it a go with one of Lodge‘s cast iron skillets.  Tired of chowing down on greasy hot dogs and burned marshmallows every camping trip?  Try whipping up some delicious breakfast sandwiches in a perfectly portable cast iron biscuit pan instead (Mmmm, biscuits!) The easy care, durability, and quick heating time of Lodge‘s American-made products will turn you into a cast iron convert faster than you can say “dinner’s ready!”

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

All of Lodge‘s cast iron and carbon steel pans come pre-seasoned, meaning they have been carefully oiled and heat treated to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Not even rust can bring these babies down – just give your cast iron a little bit of scrubbing and vegetable oil after each use (no soap required!), and you’ll have yourself a pan that sticks around your house for so long, you just might have to give it a nickname. And if plain cast iron isn’t your look, add some color and personality to your kitchen with a beautiful dutch oven or casserole.

Lodge Cast Iron Enamel

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Camping

With the amount of recipes you can make using just a single cast iron skillet from Lodge, your cost-per-use will be down to fractions of pennies before you even begin to run out of fresh ideas. And you’ll never, ever get tired of getting that perfect sear on your steaks, or biting into warm, fluffy cornbread straight from the pan. Don’t let the late night infomercials convince you that great meals come from great gadgets (batteries not included). To cook like a pro, all you really need is a sharp knife and a great pan. Okay, and maybe an apron wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Lodge Cast Iron

Happy Cooking!


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