Things for People who are Always Busy

Busy bees. Do-ers. Go-getters. Movers and shakers. CEO’s. Soccer moms. Students. Whoever they are, they’re all around us. They are the people who are always busy. Maybe it’s your sister, your husband, your personal trainer, or even YOU – busy bodies are just everywhere all the time from our drive-thrus to our Instagram feeds.


And because busy bodies live with such crazy schedules, here are 10 great products you can shop smart on Yroo and use as an excuse to get some time with your eager beaver besties.

1. Drink Holder Clips

Clip on cup holders.

Not generalizing or anything but.. usually people that are always busy drink a lot of coffee.

2. Bottle and Wallet Combo

Contigo portable water bottle with wallet slot.

Go straight to the gym from wherever you are.

3. Heated Butter Knife

Heated butter knife.

For every time you forget to take out the butter early. Every. Single. Time.

4. Portable Clothes Washing Bag

Foldable laundry washing bag.

Who has time to do laundry? Just throw your stanky gym clothes into this magical bag.

5. On-The-Go Coffee Press

On-the-go coffee brewing travel mug.

Too good for drive-thru coffee? Brew your own on the go.

6. Desk Elliptical

Man working on his computer using an elliptical underneath his desk.

Work and workout at the same time. Mind blown.

7. Self-Stirring Mug

Stainless steel mug that stirs the liquid with the push of a button.

All those seconds spent stirring really add up you know.

8. SleepPhones

Man wearing headband with built in headphones to bed.

Listen to Beyoncé as you drift off to sleep.

9. Pizza Scissors

Pizza cutting scissors.

Busy people can be impatient. That means they can’t wait for the cheese to cool enough to properly use a pizza cutter.

10. iRobot Roomba

Robotic vacuum.

You really can NOT go wrong with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Happy Shopping!



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