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The best things about summer are the simplest – a weekend margarita on a busy patio, warm afternoon naps on the deck (don’t forget your sunscreen!), picking up fresh veggies (okay, fine, pies) from the local farmers market. But maybe the best thing of all is that moment you finally realize it’s warm enough to free your feet from their winter sock prisons and feel the breeze again between your toes, weird sandal tan lines be damned! Soludos footwear is here to add a whole new level of “Aaaah” to your summer strolls, with breathable, trendy flats and sandals that’ll take you from the backyard to the beach in true vacation style.

Soludos Flats

Are all your summertime outfits only on point from the ankles up? No judgement here – we’ve all slipped on our oldest pair of running shoes for a quick trip to the grocery store. But whoever said that your comfiest shoes also had to be your most boring? It’s time to zest up the idea of convenient slip-ons with a fun pair of Soludos lemon-embroidered smoking slippers. They’re just as easy to slide into as your favorite pair of flats, with twice the pizzazz! Heck, you can even turn your feet into adorable works of art with Soludos‘s line of quirky flats designed by New York artist Jason Polan. Don’t pass up this chance to be a walking declaration of your love for pizza.

Soludos Embroidered Flats

If your sun-starved toes need a little more freedom, Soludos also makes tons of great sandals to keep those little piggies happy. Release your inner gladiator with some stylish criss-crossing straps, or keep your ankles free so that you can gleefully kick your sandals into the surf (or sprinkler) on the first day of summer vacation.

Soludos Sandals

If your idea of casual comfort doesn’t immediately make you think “heels,” then let Soludos redefine your sidewalk sashay with wedges so comfortable and chic, you just might start gardening in them. Never get your stiletto stuck in the grass at an outdoor wedding again, or slip on the polished office floor (oh, the embarrassment). Show some love to your ankles and take the wedge pledge – your doctor and stylist would approve.  And if the extra height makes you feel a little too runway ready, just grab yourself a pair of Soludos espadrilles for the same dressed-up look, minus the inches.

Soludos Wedge Espadrilles

Soludos Flat Espadrilles

Let go of those stinky old sneakers and treat your feet the way celebs do on their days off – with easy breezy Soludos shoes. You’ll be ready for the paparrazzi on grass, concrete, or the sand, and while nothing will pull focus from the adorable French bulldog you’re toting, your feet will come a close second.

Soludos Celebrities

Happy strolling!


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