Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts

Dad, Pops, Padre, Father, Fasha, Old Man – now that Mother’s Day has wrapped up we’re talking about the other half of our DNA, our dads. And while many people feel that it’s more difficult to find a great gift for fathers vs. mothers, we beg to differ! From sports and outdoorsy gifts to tools, electronics, fashion, and even food, we have the perfect gift for every #1 Dad.

1. A Fancy Fountain Pen

Fountain pen by AT Cross.

Like this one from Cross.

2. A Laptop Sleeve from Firecult

Mac Laptop in a leather sleeve made by Firecult.

We are SO in love with these genuine leather sleeves.

3. This Badass BBQ Apron

Man wearing a camouflage apron made for grilling.

Holds every essential grilling tool including beer.

4. The UE BOOM 2

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker on a rock.

This is the ultimate speaker. It’s wireless, Bluetooth, and even waterproof!

5. Pocket Squares

Man wearing a casual khaki suit with a navy blue pocket square.

Dad’s can be stylish too.

6. Sonar Fish Finder

This gift combines usefulness, technology, and FISHING. Win.

7. Monogrammed Golf Shoe Bag

Monogrammed golf shoe bag.

Made especially for him.

8. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker

Man wearing a Garmin Nuvi fitness tracking wristband.

For all the dads who’ve been waiting for a Fitbit alternative.

9. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky packets and flavors made by KRAVE.

Dads tend to like food. Mmm, KRAVE jerky.

10. DeWalt Hand Held Area Light

Man checking fuse box with the Dewalt portable light.

Holding the light used to be your job. But now that you’re all grown up, get this DeWalt light to do it for you!

Hopefully you’ve found something for YOUR dad in this list, or at least got some inspiration. Because let’s face it.. it’s pretty hard to even come CLOSE to everything our dads have given us.

Dad and daughter wearing matching tutus.

Happy Father’s Day!


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