Friday Feature: Moschino

Moschino is the master of all things you didn’t know you needed, until the moment you laid eyes on them. From a Powerpuff Girls dress, to a Super Mario-themed backpack, and even soft sweaters featuring things like dinosaurs wearing lipstick, Moschino has transformed itself from the Italian fashion house that once mocked couture trends, to the modern cultural tastemaker that fills the closets of icons like Madonna and Lady Gaga.


If you’re not quite brave enough (yet) to put yourself in a pair of Moschino‘s Bugs Bunny booties – and major style points to you if you are – then add a touch of quirky fun to your daily wardrobe with an iPhone case that will put the sass back in your selfies, no filter required.

Moschino iPhone Case 1

Moschino iPhone Case 2

Maybe you want a phone that looks like it just fell out of one of Katy Perry‘s whimsical purses? Just check out these amazing disguises for your cell. If your baby (or your dog, who is, let’s face it, also your baby) wriggles around too much for that french fry costume you bought them at Halloween (we know, it seemed like such a good idea at the time), decide to deck out your phone in Moschino instead. Way less stressful, and besides, you gotta protect that thing when it makes the inevitable fall from your hand to the dirtiest part of the sidewalk.

Moschino iPhone Case 3

Slip your stylin’ phone into a great Moschino bag, rock a timeless pair of oversized sunglasses, and strut down the street with confidence. Or show the true colors of your Millennial heart, collect your 1-Up mushroom, and have Moschino cover you in heat-to-toe Mario. If fashion’s not your thing, leave a lasting impression and feel glamorous with a spritz of one of Moschino‘s perfumes or colognes.

Moschino Bag Purse

Moschino Super Mario

Of course, accessories are only a small part of what Moschino is all about. From high end runway style, to an affordable line of clothing for designer daydreamers, Moschino has produced the ultimate mashup of wardrobe and pop culture. Your clothes can now have a healthy sense of humor, without sacrificing quality fabrics and great fit.

Moschino Women Fashion

Do you remember that moment you became an adult and realized that you could eat ice cream whenever you wanted? Maybe we’ve forgotten that we can wear our clothes and accessories the same way.  Scrap the rules and save the comfort zones for your couch. Try a little Moschino.

Moschino Shop Purse

Happy shopping!


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