10 Patio Essentials to Bring the Indoors Out

For those of us in the northern States, we know all about bringing the outdoors in during the winter months. But what about bringing the indoors out for the summer? Why not put real meaning to the term “Outdoor Living” and literally shift your entire living room to your patio? Well, where there’s a will there’s a way. We’ve come up with a list of 10 great products meant to help you unwind in the comfort of your own deck. Or patio. Or porch. You get the picture.

1. Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rug on a condo patio with outdoor pillows on it.

No shoes? No problem.

2. String Lights

Outdoor string lights.

Turn up the magic with some simple lights on a string.

3. A Big Comfy (outdoor) Couch

Outdoor sectional couch.

Now all you need is Netflix.

4. Magnetic Screen Door

Women walking into house through magnetic closing screen door.

Never make more than one trip again.

5. Solar Lanterns

Solar powered lanterns in the ground.

Light up the walkway to your outdoor living paradise with these babies.

6. Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pit on a condo patio.

Who says you have to be at the cottage to have a fire?

7. Outdoor Pillows

Assortment of outdoor furniture pillows.

Accent pillows are great for adding flavor to any space, even your outdoor space.

8. Outdoor Throw

Green outdoor throw draped over a couch.

Stay cozy under the stars.

9. Tasty Beverage Dispenser

Blue glass Yorkshire drink dispenser.

More like Sangria dispenser.

10. Badass Sound System

Outdoor speakers.

Play Lukas Graham as loud as you want.

So there you have them. 10 things to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful summer escape that even your pooch will love.

Puppy sitting in outdoor patio setting.

Happy Outdoor Living!


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