Friday Feature: Fox Run

Summer. It’s the season to clear your calendar, spread a blanket on the grass, pour yourself a mimosa (or three), and drift away on a daydream. That is, until a stream of texts and Facebook invitations buzz you out of your fantasies of vacation peace and quiet. Quicker than you can say “sweet tea,” your schedule becomes an uninterrupted series of weddings, baby showers, dinner parties, barbecues and bake sales, with no end in sight. You promise yourself you’ll work on that whole “saying no” thing next year, but until then, you’ve just committed yourself to four months of slicing, squeezing, peeling and baking. The pressure’s on, and you are, in the words of Bonnie Tyler, holding out for a hero. Enter: Fox Run.

Fox Run Dessert

There are some kitchen gadgets made for the cooking impaired (I’m looking at you, grilled cheese-burners and finger-cutters), some for the culinary artists among us, and others for everyone. The kitchen experts at Fox Run know there’s a better, happier chef in each and every one of us, which is why their products are designed not only to save you time, but also to give the cooking and baking of amateurs and experts alike that straight-from-a-magazine finish. Does baking a pie from scratch seem like a recipe for disaster? Pick up a Fox Run pie pan and dough blender, and soon the grannies on your block will be calling you for pointers.

Fox Run Pie

Of course, you may not even want to turn on your oven in the dead heat of summer, but you can still make a great showing at your next dinner party with any of Fox Run‘s wooden serving trays, handy cheese slicers, and cleverly combined oil and vinegar bottles.

Fox Run Dinner Party Wine and Cheese

Move your dinner from the TV tray to the kitchen table again this summer with some convenient tools that will also make your table look great. Take your time cracking lobsters with a group of friends (it’s a little known fact that lobster bibs look flattering on everyone), or blow minds by ditching the bland marinara from a jar and press your own tomatoes for a fresh and healthy spaghetti sauce.

Fox Run Dinner

If your summer obligations have you pulling out the cookie sheets for an epic bake-a-thon, avoid costly and time-sucking disasters (not to mention the embarrassing internet-age possibility of being declared one of the “25 Worst Cake Fails“) by picking up a Fox Run oven thermometer and kitchen timer. And if you’re the kind of home entertainer that leaves a signature seed in every glass of lemonade, consider reducing the choking hazard with a seed stopping lemon squeezer.

Fox Run Baking

At the end of the summer, with a little confidence boost from Fox Run, you still might be feeling energetic enough to turn your backyard fruits into jams and jellies. Sure, by this time you’ll be tired, over-sunned, and queasy at the thought of even one more bite of potato salad. But come January, when you’re diving into your homemade raspberry jam, we promise you’ll be dying for it to start all over again.

Fox Run Canning


Happy baking!


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