Products you Didn’t Know you Needed… Until Now

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Wants vs. needs. It’s the age old rule to think about whenever you make a purchase. I can hear my mom now; “Do you really need another pair of yoga pants, or do you just want them?” And over the years I’ve gotten better at deciding what falls into each category (thanks mom). But what about products that don’t really fit into either? We’re talking about products you didn’t think you’d need until you laid your eyes on them. And then it’s too late, you’ve already fallen in love at first sight. You’ve come up with a billion good reasons for why you need it. And deep down, no matter how practical you are or how much effort you make to hear mom’s voice in your head, you are going to buy it and it is going to change your life.

1. A Stadium Chair

Portable folding chair made for stadium bleachers.

The end to numb-bum.

2. This Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Motorized twirling spaghetti fork.

Like really who has time to twirl spaghetti MANUALLY? Not us.

3. Scrabble Lights

String lights that spell out "I Love You".

Change the message to whatever seems most appropriate!

4. A Handheld Steamer

Steaming a green shirt.

Ironing is so old school.

5. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of Thrones themed Monopoly board game.

Enough said.

6. A Heated Butter Knife

A heated butter knife scraping butter to spread on toast.

No batteries required – this knife magically conducts the heat from your hand down the blade as you’re using it.

7. This “S’more To Love” Maker

S'more maker.

Raining out? Who cares! Make perfect s’mores in your oven.

8. A Wine Glass Holder Necklace


For everyone who wants to eat and not worry about getting fingerprints on their glass. I really hope that’s not just me.

9. A Bottle Cap Catcher

A bottle opener that stores the caps.

Gone are the days of finding random bottle caps all over the yard!

10. This 7-in-1 Food Chopper and Saver

A food container with a chopper built into the lid for chopping onions and other foods.

Step aside, Slap Chop.

And there you have them! Sorry mom.

Taylor Swift smiling with a coffee.

Happy Shopping!


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