Friday Feature: Arc’teryx

This one’s dedicated to all the procrastinators out there. Yes, we’re looking at you, Father’s Day forgetters, packing postponers, and “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” idlers. Sometimes, despite good intentions (and that day planner that, somewhere along the line, became a bedside coaster), dawdling gets the best of us. Sure, so you’ve known about that hiking trip for months, but you were busy! Just shove a few things in a backpack and you’ll be good to go – so what if you have to wear one pair of socks all week and nail down your tent with sporks instead of stakes? Ever wondered what it would feel like to procrastinate without the consequences? Arc’teryx has the lifehack: Surround yourself with things that are simple, high quality, and useful, so that no matter how tricky or last minute life gets, you’ll be prepared. 

Arc'teryx Pants and Sweater

Operating under the principle of creating simple solutions for complex problems, Arc’teryx‘s designs for outdoor wear have both you and the elements in mind. Whether you’re picking up a cool and casual button-down tee for the dad in your life (you can’t say we didn’t remind you about Father’s Day!), or investing in some sturdy hiking pants, you’ll never be stuck in fabrics that turn you into a human greenhouse or rip at the first brush against a branch.

Arc'teryx Mens T Shirts

From soft and warm layers, to boots, hats and beyond, Arc’teryx is one of the most trusted one-stop shops for hikers with rock-hard calves and the rest of us who are, well, working on them.

Arc'teryx Mens

And thanks to the glorious mashup of form and function from Arc’teryx, you’ll feel great heading from casual Fridays at the office, to yoga, and then the coffee shop, with no outfit changes in between. Layer up with a light tank and a sweater for that chilly summer A/C, grab you super-handy tote, and you’ll be out the door in a flash.

Arc'teryx Womens Yoga

Arc'teryx Womens

For your more legendary outdoor adventures, you’d be crazy not to take along one of Arc’teryx‘s unbelievably durable and waterproof Gore-Tex jackets – they’ll keep you happy and dry for a lifetime’s worth of unexpected thunderstorms. And whether you’re heading out for a relaxing day in the woods, or a grueling week on the trail, Arc’teryx has the backpack for you. With your cell phone safely tucked away in a pocket, and water always within reach, you’ll be the textbook definition of a “happy camper.”

Arc'teryx Details Utility

Arc'teryx Hiking Backpack

Ok dilly-dalliers, so will awesome, multi-purpose hiking gear save you from all the consequences of your procrastination? Maybe not, but we’re sure Arc’teryx will make you a little more excited to get started in the first place, not to mention safer when you reach your destination. Just think – your next adventure could start right now! Or tomorrow. You know, whenever.

Hike Camp

Happy hiking!


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