The Best 4th of July Party Swag

Independence Day. July 4th. Fourth of July. Whatever you like to call this great day, it’s coming up soon! And not only does July 4th represent our declaration of independence, but it also comes along with epic parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnics, fairs, and most importantly, sharing your American pride with friends and family.

Lana Del Rey in her music video for "Ride".

Feels pretty good to be proud doesn’t it? Alright snap out of it and read our list of the 10 best 4th of July products you can shop for on Yroo!

1. Patriotic Pool Toys

Inflatable pool donuts with American flag pattern floating in a pool.

Take these babies down to the Mississippi and get your ‘Murica on.

2. Doggy Sweater

Hound dog wearing a warm sweater with American flag design.

Was your dog born in the States? That makes him or her a proud citizen too.

3. Flag Leggings

Female model wearing leggings with USA flag design.

Walk with purpose in these flashy flag leggings.

4. Marquee Signs

Marquee signs spelling USA.

The most perfect, eye-catching, and classic way to celebrate.

5. Flag Grill Cover

Grill cover that looks like the American flag.

Your steaks will taste better. Promise.

6. This American Flag Cornhole Set

American Flag cornhole set.

Make a tournament out of it with your friends and family.

7. These Baby Moccasins that are Way Too Cute

Baby moccasins with American flag design.

Cause babies can party too.

8. Cowboy Boots

Women's short cowboy boots with American flag design.

Boot stomp into the night.

9. Luminaria Bags

American paper lanterns.

Light the way to freedom with these paper lanterns.

10. This American Flag Wool Throw

Wool throw blanket with American flag pattern on it being used as a picnic blanket.

Whether you’re just lounging or you have it wrapped around you under the stars, this wool throw from Food52 is top quality and made in Minnesota.

Shop for all these great products plus your smaller party in the USA essentials on Yroo!

Miley Cyrus clip from her music video for "Party in the USA".

Happy 4th of July!


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