The Most Expensive Things on Yroo

We have an absolutely ENORMOUS collection of products, stores, and promotions on Yroo. In fact, we have about 85 million items which is more than anywhere in the world! So as you can imagine we’re always coming across really cool products, from the latest gadgets to old classics to things we didn’t even know we needed until we discovered them. And most times, we can find a great bargain by comparing prices from different stores! But sometimes, just sometimes like a diamond in the rough, we come across products that are really expensive. They make us go “Ooooh“, and “Ahhh“, and stop everything we’re doing just to read the description to find out what it’s made of, what’s so special about it, and why does it cost so dang much? So if you’re as curious as we are, here are the top 10 most expensive things on Yroo!

1. Bling

This 45.93 Carat Pear Diamond

Pear cut diamond.

What better way to say “I love you” than with a measly $6,882,938.00 diamond (and that’s just the diamond, the ring setting is extra!)

2. Clothing

This Lace Valentino Gown from Stylebop

Floor-length lace dress from Valentino.Sure this doily-detailed number might look like it came out of your grandmother’s closet, but it’s $18,130.00 well spent! Plus, you can save on free shipping from Stylebop for a limited time.

3. Décor

This Persian Rug

Persian rug.

It’s been marked down to 26% off, now only $76,235.85 with a total savings of $26,682.55. Where else can you save that kind of money?!

4. Technology

This Mysterious Box

Cisco security system.

Apparently it’s a security appliance. For just $49,284.33!

5. Furniture

This Mahogany Watch Winder Cabinet

Mahogany watch winder.

For $50,995.00 you can keep all 40 of your super snazzy watches wound up while you’re not wearing them. That would bring the total cost of this piece up to oh, about 1 gazillion dollars.

6. Appliances

This Super Heavy but Beautiful Cast Iron 5 Oven Cooker

Godecker's 5 top electric oven.

Available in a variety of classic colors, this $20,299.00 oven is perfect for the expert (and wealthy) chef. Each of its 5 ovens has their own job whether it be slow-cooking, roasting or baking.

7. Tools

This Hoist

Car hoist.

Why take your car into the shop when you can have one in your own garage for $65,759.85? Said no mechanic ever.

8. Shoes

These Dolce & Gabbana Booties

Dolce and Gabbana black suede high heeled booties.

You know they’re authentic when they’re $21,500.00.

9. Entertainment

This Outdoor Movie Theatre

Outdoor movie theatre set up in a city at night.

Complete with the most impressive audio and visual, this $38,478.74 puncture-proof outdoor theatre will save you tons of money in the long run. The very long run.

10. Random

100% Natural Ancient Chinese Jade Carving

Hand-carved ancient Chinese jade.

This is $950,600.00 and worth every penny because it’s 100 years old and hand-carved into the shape of an old Chinese Qing dynasty dragon.

So there you have them! The most expensive things on Yroo.. So basically the most expensive things in the whole interweb. Mind blown.

Jimmy Fallon doing the "mind blown" motion.

Happy window shopping!


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