Collecting Goes Pop! With Funko

Are you more of a Scully or a Mulder? Does your heart belong to Star Trek or Star Wars? If you were attending Comic-Con this year (and lucky for you if you are), would you be waiting in line to meet Captain America artist Allen Bellman, or trying to sneak a peek at your favorite citizen of Westeros at the Game of Thrones panel? Maybe you’re an all-around pop culture fiend and can’t get enough of all things sci-fi, fantasy, animation and gaming. Nowadays, there’s a fandom to embrace all of us, from the most casual to the most hardcore admirer, which is why the makers of collectible figures at Funko have cornered the market on stocking stuffers and desktop decorations for collectors all over the world.

Funko Star Trek

Funko knows that in today’s high-tech “everything is better with Bluetooth” world, there’s still a lot of us looking for classic toys with a unique design and staying power. With hundreds of licenses to your most loved TV shows, films and comic books, there’s something from Funko for just about everyone. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might start out with just one of Funko’s hugely popular Pop! Vinyl figures, but before you know it you’ll have enough characters in your house to fill the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Funko Harry Potter

Haven’t decided which version of The Doctor is your personal favorite? Unless you have a time travelling TARDIS of your very own, prevent regret by collecting them all now, and decide where your allegiance lies later. And speaking of allegiances, with Funko you don’t have to feel left out as a Marvel or a DC fan. Love what you love and let the Avengers and the Suicide Squad battle it out on the shelf on their own time.

Funko Avengers

Funko Batman

 Wear your superhero costume under your work clothes just like Superman with a pair of Funko’s Justice League boxer shorts. But a word to the wise: Stripping off in a phone booth might be even riskier for you than it is for Clark Kent.

Funko Justice League

And who among us doesn’t have a deep, abiding love for at least one Disney or Pixar movie? Relive the muffled sobs you released at the end of Inside Out (oh, Bing Bong, we will never forget you) or remind yourself of that cover of “Let It Go” you’ve been meaning to post on Facebook (yes, the world needs your version too) with Funko’s adorable figures.

Funko Disney

If you’re the kind of collector who prefers to keep everything in perfect condition and in its original box, then give yourself something to use and enjoy with a Funko mug. Nothing will give you a greater feeling of personal enjoyment than sipping your coffee in the morning and taking in your artfully arranged collection of figures from the pop culture you love. Except maybe ten hours of the Cantina band. Those guys really knew how to jam.

Funko Star Wars Mug


Happy collecting!


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