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Besides being the world’s largest repository for pictures of cats, the internet has also given us a whole new platform for personal creativity, style and easy shopping. Some of us here at Yroo are old enough to remember the days when to buy a new t-shirt, you either had to put on pants and go to the mall, or flip through a catalogue and order it through the mail. Because fashion cycles were slower then, trends stuck around a little bit longer than they needed to (hope you ’90s kids kept your Doc Martens and flannel button-downs, because they are so back), and every third person on the street would be wearing the same sweatshirt as you. We might be nostalgic for those simpler times if it weren’t for companies like Design by Humans, who are giving creatives a chance to design and wear casual fashion in a way that redefines the old boundaries between manufacturer and consumer.

Design by Humans

By pooling the talents of artists and graphic designers from all over the world, Design by Humans can create a seemingly endless supply of unique t-shirts, art prints, sweaters, and phone cases. You can turn a basic tee into a piece of wearable art by choosing not only an incredible, colorful design from one of Design by Humans‘ many artists, but also by picking from a wide selection of shirt styles, colors and sizes. With all of the options available, you probably won’t be seeing anyone wearing exactly the same shirt as you anytime soon.

Design By Humans Womens T Shirt

And, as if having the coolest (and cutest) shirts around wasn’t enough of an achievement, Design by Humans is also dedicated to using sweatshop-free garments and printing its products using environmentally friendly inks, so you can go out feeling as good as you look. Helping artists, protecting workers, and being kind to the environment, all while making you look totally rad? Warms our hearts.

Design by Humans Womens Tank Top

Maybe one of the best things about Design by Humans‘ modern way of bringing fashion to the masses is the fact that, while there may be men’s and women’s sizes, so many of the designs are available in both. Not even kids nowadays are left out of the graphic tee fashion trend (with our deeply buried memories of embroidered overalls and tie dye MC Hammer pants, we might be a little jealous). Look, we’re not insisting that you and your whole family get matching hamburger shirts and wear them everywhere you go. We’re just saying that if you do, it will greatly increase your chances of going viral and getting on Ellen.

Design by Humans Mens

Design by Humans Mens Sweatshirt

Design by Humans Childrens

Design by Humans will even print the design you love on a phone case (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy owners are in luck) or a sticker, because there’s nothing in life that shouldn’t look cool and help you express your personal taste. Art belongs everywhere.

Design by Humans Phone Case

Design by Humans Phone Case

Design by Humans Stickers

Since Design by Humans does make its home in, as we mentioned earlier, a cyberspace hive mind filled primarily with cat lovers, they would be foolish not to cater to our feline-obsessed needs. Okay, so maybe rainbow space cat shirts will be the MC Hammer pants of the future. But who cares? We promise not to judge you if you don’t judge us.

Design by Humans Cats

MC Hammer dancing in his parachute pants.

Happy shopping!


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