Everything You Need to go Back to School

One minute we’re flying out of our last class and hugging all our roomies goodbye, and the next we’re unpacking all our stuff again for a fresh new year. But don’t worry – we know how fast the summer flew by and you’ve got a lot to think about for the busy year ahead, which is why we’ve made this super handy checklist! Aside from this list, all you’ll need are two browser windows: one for Google to find out things like the latest student fashion trends to the newest tech gadgets and accessories that will help you survive college (although we’ve done a lot of that research for you), and the second for Yroo, the search engine for shopping! Easily compare products from all your favorite stores and have them arrive right on your doorstep. Or dormstep? Whichever.

◻️ Actual school stuff

beautiful young woman working at home

This includes your timetable, stationary supplies like notebooks and pens, textbooks, laptop, dorm keys, access passes, parking pass, and other important paperwork.

◻️ Accessories for your actual school stuff

Mac Laptop in a leather sleeve made by Firecult.

Protect your investment with a sleek leather laptop sleeve from Firecult, and your phone with an indestructible Otterbox case. If leather isn’t your thing, try marble! And don’t forget about keyboard protectors, an external hard drive for backing up all your blood sweat and tears, a bluetooth mouse to bring to class, bluetooth speakers to unwind after class, a portable USB charger, you get the drill.

◻️ Moving bins, boxes, storage and organization solutions


Hold your horses cowboys and girls, you can’t be moving anywhere with nothing to move with. Invest in some stackable bins to move your stuff in and keep on hand for storage. Plus, make the most of your limited closet-space with one of these awesome organizers and these very cute desks!

◻️ Clothes, shoes, jackets, and your favorite blankie

This year's student fashion looks.
Some of the can’t-go-wrong trends to jump on this year include shirt dresses, boyfriend-fitting denim, flannel, army jackets, leather jackets, and of course Birks.

◻️ Bathroom Stuff

Bathroom bins for accessories.

If you’re a guy that probably consists of one compact shower bag that holds everything you can imagine. But for girls, bathroom stuff can sometimes be just as much as bedroom stuff, including hair straighteners, hairdryers, hairbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo (life saver), shower gels, razors, makeup, and it just goes on. If you don’t have a nook to put floating shelves in like this picture, look for a thin, taller unit with shelves or space above for bins as a storage solution.

◻️ Bags


A quality backpack, laptop bag, duffel bag, or all three are essential to college campus survival. Whether you’re running between classes or you don’t have time to stop at your dorm in the morning while on your walk of shame, a good bag will be your bestie by keeping you prepared for any adventure you may find yourself in. Check out one of our favorite bag brands, Herschel!

◻️ Cleaning Supplies

Organized cleaning closet.

It’s important to keep your dorm your happy place, aka clean and comfortable! We recommend the sleek, lightweight, and portable Dyson animal and then of course the essentials like this organic all-purpose cleaner, some washable cleaning towels (you know us, always thinking of the planet), and an organized cleaning closet to store it all in. Or, pool some money from each roomie and invest in an iRobot to do the cleaning for you.

◻️ Food stuff

Dishes piling up in a student kitchen.

So there’s the obvious things like your S’well water bottle, plates, bowls, cutlery, your cereal bowl, etc. but here’s the deal. At Yroo we come across so many great, practical, and portable small appliances that you’re no longer limited to boxed mac & cheese and pizza pockets. Why not have a delicious bean and cheese quesadilla with this quesadilla maker, or start your school day off with some fresh made waffles? Oh, and we also highly recommend one of these countertop dishwashers.

◻️ Home bar

Home bar cart.

Let’s keep it real, every college dorm has potential to be civilized enough for a little home bar setup. Check out these amazing (and compact) trays and this mess-free bottle opener!

◻️ Finishing touches

Graphic shower curtain that says "I woke up like this".

These are things that will make you look around and feel content with your living space. Think accent pillows, throws, inspirational mugs, marquee signs, welcome mats, salt lamps, terrariums, and these beautiful shower curtains.

We hope this checklist will save you lots of time and effort with our expert advice and super impressive shopping search engine where you can easily compare prices and other important information (such as shipping costs) before you buy. And while a many of our larger stores like Target and Amazon carry many of these products, we also have stores like OCM, Staples, and Discount School Supply that are exclusively great for all your back to school needs. You are smart, so shop smart! It’s been an incredible summer but everything comes to an end.. and with all ends come exciting new beginnings.

Happy Shopping!


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