Embrace the Art in the Everyday with Umbra

Summer is the season of change. With newlyweds busy decorating their homes with registry gifts, college students planning for future dorm rooms, and homeowners taking advantage of the warm weather to renovate, there seems to be no shortage of lifestyle makeover projects to fill the long, sunny days. Whether you’re settling into a new school, a new home, or a new office, your goals are probably the same – to find comfort, express yourself, and improve your surroundings. But what do you do when your dream of a beautiful, unique space is crushed by ugly hardware store accessories and boring flat-pack furniture that you’ve seen a hundred times before? Re-awaken the vision by looking no further than Toronto-based Umbra, a housewares company that understands that just about every object in your life – from a grater to a garbage can – can bring you joy.

The difference between Umbra and your run-of-the-mill, household furnishings box store? Design. By utilizing the limitless ingenuity of an in-house design team and partnering with creatives from all over the world, Umbra has mastered the art of capturing the eye-catching potential in everyday things.

Umbra Kitchen

By understanding that even the most utilitarian objects (bottle openers, soap dishes, mirrors) can brighten up your life, Umbra will turn your dull spaces into a haven of gorgeous simplicity. Take inspiration from a minimalist wall clock and give your living room that spare and elegant look. Or make a unique photo tree the quirky focal point of your home office to remind yourself that not everything in life is about work.

Umbra Clocks

Even cash-strapped college students will be able to mix-and-match their furniture hand-me-downs with affordable Umbra accessories that save space without sacrificing usefulness. What better time in life to see the beauty in personal organization than at the beginning of a busy year of clubs, essays, and class projects? There’s no reason a dorm room can’t become your relaxing home away from home.

Umbra Tables

Umbra Accessories

If the blank walls in your house fill you with sense of dissatisfaction or decorative confusion, then Umbra’s perfect selection of clever and stunning wall fixtures should give you the boost you need. Frame a few family photos, hang some trendy succulents, and display your favorite books for a room that looks modern and crisp, yet fills you with the cozy, safe feeling of home.

Umbra Wall

With Umbra’s huge variety of geometric picture frames and display shelves, there’s no shortage of ways to arrange your memories and decorate any room in a way that feels uniquely you. Think of all those summer memories that are slowly being forgotten, wasting away in a memory card or an old Facebook album. There are moments in your life that deserve to be remembered.

Umbra Photo

Umbra Photo

When summer renovations or the trials of decorating a new place are getting you down, just remember why you bothered going through the struggle in the first place: There’s no place like home. Let Umbra help you make that place more special than ever.

Happy decorating!


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