Checklist: The Coolest Back-To-School Brands by Category

Ok so we all know what we need to head back to school, but if we all buy the same things, how does one stand out? There’s nothing worse than spending a chunk of change on a pair of sweet headphones, only to find out that everyone has the same ones. So, we’re here to share the top coolest back-to-school brands in every category that you can shop on Yroo!

 Just type in the brand in our search bar and compare your results!


We’ll help you out with these ones.

◻️ 6. USB Charger

Pocket Juice, Boompod, Pebble

◻️ 7. Bluetooth Mouse

Börnd, Targus, and good old Apple

◻️ 8. Bluetooth Speakers

ThinkGeek, Tanga, UE Boom 2

◻️ 9. Bags

Herschel, Ban-d0, Moschino, Circus by Sam Edelman 

◻️ 10. Sunglasses

Sunday Somewhere, Proof, Illesteva

Discover all these great brands on Yroo now and get all your cool swag before school starts.

Happy shopping!


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