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Most of our great-great grandparents would have been surprised to know than in 2016, hunting and fishing are often weekend activities rather than necessary chores.  Just imagine what they would think about our massive grocery stores, or the speed at which nuggets appear in a drive-thru window.  Once upon a time, steaks didn’t come from shrink-wrapped packages, and chickens lived right outside the front door, rather than miles away on a factory farm. At a time when more of us are hunting for Pokemon rather than food (sure, Weedles are plentiful these days, but you wouldn’t want to eat them), others are joining a new generation of hunters and naturalists who are embracing the great outdoors and getting back to the land. With essential gear from Bob Ward’s, anyone can embrace their inner hunter-gatherer. “Roughing it” has never felt less rough.

Bob Ward's

With so many respected outdoor brands using durable fabrics and modern materials, there have never been more options to keep you comfortable outside, come rain or come shine. Bob Ward’s carries all the best clothing and equipment for beginners and pros alike. Pull out your hunting trip checklist and let Bob Ward’s take care of the rest. Waterproof boots, portable cookware, and easy setup tents are all items our pioneer ancestors would have given their best cow for.

Bob Ward's jackets

Bob Ward's ladies jackets

Whether you’re camping on weekends, or trekking deep into the woods for weeks at a time, don’t forget that layers are your friend. And every hunter needs to get their sharpshooting hands on some safety orange and camouflage, and Bob Ward’s carries tons of it. If your prey runs away, it won’t be your coat’s fault.

Bob Ward's camoflage

A great, easy-to-use tent and a warm sleeping bag are the keys to enjoying any time in the woods. After a long day of hiking and hunting, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours struggling with tent poles and sliding your sore body into a sleeping bag that somehow makes you feel colder than ever before.

Bob Ward's tents

Bob Ward's sleeping bags

On any hunting trip, you’ll want to achieve a careful balance between taking the things you need and also keeping your pack light.  Too many accessories and you’ll be a traveling Bob Ward’s. Too few, and you’ll be using your cleanest socks as makeshift earmuffs.  Never underestimate the eternal usefulness of a great flashlight, a sharp knife, and a simple first aid kit. If you’re going for the authentic historical experience, leave behind all the digital gear and take only your compass. Or if you’re like us (and the Scouts), and your motto is Be Prepared, then forget about what great-great Grandpa John would have done, and by all means, take the GPS. After all, it’s much cheaper than a helicopter rescue.

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Happy hunting!


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