The Best Fair Trade Products and Brands on Yroo

It’s no secret that we really care about our planet. And not just our planet on an environmental level, but also on a human level by donating 1% of our total revenue every year right back into the communities it was generated from. That, in a sense, is the whole essence of “fair-trade”. The idea of human sustainability: the profit made on goods produced by hard working global citizens should be allocated fairly. Things like unsafe working conditions, sweat shops, child labor and poor wages is all too common these days. But hey, no worries! We’re in the business of shopping smarter, using our ethics, and helping you feel good about what you buy.

1. Coffee

Roasted coffee beans.

Let’s start with the first fair-trade product to be certified – and something many of us consume daily.


Man wearing black TOM'S shoes at the park.

Not only are TOMS certified fair-trade, but they also pledge to donate a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair sold.

3. Boots

Boots Extracts spray bottle of lavender essential oil.

Take a fair-trade shower with Boots’ full personal care line that includes body wash, moisturizers, bath scrubs, and essential oils.

4. Flavorganics

Flavorganics bottle of vanilla extract.

Flavorganics produces high-quality, natural and synthetic products available for use in cooking, baking, and aroma therapy.

5. Everlane

Clothing from Everlane.

Step aside, J.Crew. Find all your modern basics at Everlane and feel good about it!

6. Apolis

Bag from Apolis on a beach.

Apolis (uh-paul-is), translates as Global Citizen. Enough said.
*Check out our Friday Feature blog to read more about Apolis*

7. Oliberté

Oliberté shoe.

Oliberté is the world’s first fair-trade certified footwear company. They make every single pair of shoes at their factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And now for the cherry on top: they offer a lifetime warranty.

8. People Tree

Graffiti spray paint that says "Who made my clothes".

Where high-style meets sustainability.

9. Patagonia

Father and son hiking in the forest.

Love the outdoors? Get your gear from Patagonia. They were one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton, and they’ve just launched neoprene-free wetsuits!

10. Chocolate

Whole and half fresh ripe cacao fruit and seeds.

More and more companies are opting for fair-trade chocolate, including some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors!

If you haven’t thought about shopping fair-trade until now, we hope this list will help get you started! And remember,

Quote about chocolate.

Happy shopping!


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