Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve in Apolis

In the age of fast fashion and clothing retail spaces that sometimes seem to reach the size of a small city, it can be difficult to find companies that use global resources in a globally conscious way. The huge demand for stylish, trendy clothes at affordable prices often means that someone in the fashion assembly line gets left behind – and it’s usually the people who make our clothes.  Shoppers and manufacturers are beginning to catch on to the demand for a more thoughtful way of dressing, and companies like Apolis are seizing the opportunity to make sure we can dress well while also caring about the hardworking people who make it all possible.


The move toward fair trade, ethical, or “slow” fashion is more than just a passing fad.  Apolis takes social responsibility seriously, which is why their business model is centered around investing in the people who, by designing and creating our clothes, are investing in us, and often without reward. By advocating for makers all over the world and re-thinking the old production model, Apolis is changing people’s lives, caring for the environment, and making us look good while doing it. And you just thought you were buying a nice shirt!

Apolis pullover

Apolis linen short

This is one company that really takes the meaning of their name to heart. Greek for global citizen, Apolis is expanding fashion industry horizons with linen shorts from Los Angeles, classic button-downs made from Brazilian fabric (and tailored in Honduras), and durable chinos crafted in Peru. By investing in skilled but underprivileged workers from all over the world, Apolis creates lasting change for people you’ll likely never meet, but whose garments you’ll wear with pride.

Apolis belt

Timeless, crisp and comfortable looks are Apolis’s bread and butter, so no matter what you pick up, you’ll be wearing it for years. While mass-produced box store outfits might be destined for the thrift store after a year or two, you won’t be abandoning a pair of Apolis pants, or their jackets made with gorgeous Italian-woven wool, no matter how many closet purges you do. By investing in beautifully tailored clothes and keeping what you buy, you too will be helping make the world a better place, one fashion statement at a time.

Apolis blazer

How often do you get a chance to go out wearing not only your style, but your values as well? Sometimes it takes a company like Apolis to remind us that our clothes don’t just appear on store shelves, and that even the everyday act of shopping can be a way to get in touch with the global community we’re all a part of. Brings a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve, doesn’t it?

Apolis Market Bag

Happy shopping!


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