The Cheapest Things on Yroo

As the largest and smartest shopping search engine, we know what shoppers care about when they’re thinking about buying something. It could be the store, the brand, the quality of the item, the shipping terms, it just goes on and on. But if there’s one thing that influences shoppers the most, it’s price.

Yroo's Compare & Save view for a Logitech Bluetooth speaker.

That’s one of the reasons why we’ve recently launched our Compare & Save view! This Bluetooth speaker is a great example of how much the price can vary between stores. So don’t worry about all the money you’ve been spending unnecessarily. We’re here to help you make up for it, and why not start by comparing and saving on the cheapest things on Yroo out of about 34,867,420 items.

1. This Cucumber Melon Hand Soap: $1 at Kmart and Sears

Compare & Save view on hand soap.

2. This can of WD-40: $2 at Kmart and Sears

Compare & Save view on Yroo of WD-40.

3. This e.l.f. cosmetics Lip Color: $3 at Kmart and e.l.f.

Matte Lipstick price comparison on Yroo.

4. These Bath Towels: $4 at Kmart and Sears

Compare & Save view on Yroo for hand towels.

5. This Fancy Shaving Cream: $5 (or $4.76 at The Hut!)

Compare and Save view on Yroo for men's shaving cream.

6. These Super Cute Pizza Socks: $6 at Boston, Macy’s, and Bergners

Compare & Save view of the printed socks.

7. Master Lock Padlocks: $7 at Kmart

Compare & Save view of Master Lock padlocks on Yroo.

8. Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick: $7.99 at, Kmart, and

Compare & Save view for Burt's Bees blemish stick on Yroo.

9. These Gold Earbuds: $9 at UnbeatableSale

Compare and Save view for gold earbuds on Yroo.

10. Calvin Klein Underwear: $10 at Boston and Bergners

Compare and Save view for Calvin Klein underwear on Yroo.

So now you know about the most expensive things, the cheapest things, and everything in between.

Woman making it rain.

Happy saving!


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