Be Beautifully, Radically Basic in Everlane

Before “basic” became the hot internet insult of the season, it was a word with a sort of positive glow. If you were getting back to basics, it meant you were dropping all the nonsense and returning to the heart of an idea. Well, with the help of Everlane, we’re taking a stand to reclaim “basic” from the hands of meme-makers everywhere. Because a company that makes gorgeous, simple clothes and challenges itself to be radically transparent in its production is, frankly, anything but basic.


They say that the clothes make the man, but in today’s world of seemingly infinite choice, the clothes really make the manufacturer. Fashion lovers are starting to become more aware of (and concerned with) the process that brings clothing from the factory floor to their closets. Everlane’s unique process – including direct engagement with the factories that produce their garments, and a commitment to showing consumers the exact markup costs of the clothes they buy – gives thoughtful shoppers a chance to set a new standard, just by buying a beautiful sweater.

Everlane tank top

Clothing basics – silk tank tops, cotton button-downs, structured blazers, and cozy sweaters – are perennial staples for a reason. They look good, feel great, and last forever (well, forever if you’re not prone to spilling on yourself). Everlane’s timeless, universally flattering collection will keep you looking classic and sharp at home, in the office, or on a date.

Everlane mens

A versatile, unfussy wardrobe is never complete without the perfect accessories. There’s no need to scrimp and save, or stretch your fashion budget, if you’re smart and buy just one or two pairs of high quality shoes, a goes-with-anything tote, and a great leather belt. You’ll also put a lot of miles into Everlane’s stylish, modern booties before you’re willing to let them go.

Everlane shoes

Everlane backpack

While flash in the pan trends can be fun to wear, sometimes you just need your clothes to do work for you. Instead of trying to climb the mountain of changing trends (can anyone tell us if sheer is in or out right now?), let Everlane take care of business and help you look put together without having to hire a personal stylist.

Everlane dress

With Fall coming (you can call us basic all you want, we’re still going be slugging back those pumpkin spice lattes), you’ll want to get a head start on coziness by picking up a few soft, flattering sweaters in great colors. When you’re buttoning up your Everlane trench and pulling on a pair of Italian leather boots, remember that no matter how beautifully basic you look, you’re doing something that’s changing fashion for the better. Tell us, how does it feel to be an undercover radical?

Everlane sweater

Everlane coat boot bag


Happy shopping!


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