Top 10 Products to Drink Beer Better

School’s in. And as much as that means working super hard, studying all night AND still finding time for your extra-curricular and social activities, we can’t forget about play time. What would college even be without the parties? Let’s be honest. When we choose which college to go to, the party factor can be just as important as the field of study. And for everyone who hasn’t chosen yet, TIME Magazine recently rated the University of Wisconsin Madison as the top party school this year, as well as top honors for best Health Services so you can drink copious amounts of beer and be cured of your hangover the next day.. Or something. Anyway, here’s 10 products we found on Yroo that will step up your beer game.

1. The Bierstick Beer Bong

Portable beer straw.

Chug up to 24 ounces of beer in less than two seconds!

2. This Beer O’Clock Shower Curtain

Shower certain that looks like a beer.

This brings a whole new meaning to shower beers.

3. Beer Goggles

Beer goggles.

See which beer is yours.

4. This Bottle Cap Catcher

A bottle opener that stores the caps.

Misplaced bottle caps can be quite hazardous, especially after you’ve had a few!

5. This Amazing Globe Beer Dispenser

Beer dispenser that looks like a globe.

Plan your next trip over a few brewskis.

6. The Beer Bongzilla

6-person beer bong.

Funnel your beer with up to 6 friends.

7. A Half Yard of Beer

Half yard of beer glass.

“Drinking a yard glass full of beer as quickly as possible is a traditional pub game; the bulb at the bottom of the glass makes it likely that the contestant will be splashed with a sudden rush of beer towards the end of the feat. The fastest drinking of a yard of ale in the Guinness Book of Records is 5 seconds.” -Wikipedia

8. A Beer Pong Table

Beer pong table.

We may or may not have this one at the Yroo office.

9. A Beer Dispensing Helmet

Man wearing a red beer dispensing helmet.

Because it makes you look so dang cool.

10. A Beer Holster

Man wearing a brown leather holster for his beer bottle.

In case hats aren’t really your thing.

So remember kids, work hard, but play harder.

Scene from the movie Beerfest.

And happy shopping!


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