Treat Your Cell Well in Stylish Cases From Milkyway

Besides our closest friends and family, who (or what) knows more about us than our cellphones? They know where we live, what we like to eat, who we’re dating. We ask them our embarrassing questions and they even answer back (sorry, Siri). They remember our passwords, our grocery lists, and the birthdays of our friends. It’s no wonder cell phones have become not just a useful tool, but an irreplaceable extension of our hands. And, like anything valuable, we want our phones to be protected from the elements. Thankfully, we can forget about those clunky, ugly phone cases of yesteryear. Milkway is here to keep our phones scratch-free without cramping our style.


Designed for your Samsung S series, Samsung Note, or iPhone (yep, they even have cases for your brand new iPhone 7), Milkyway offers an incredible selection of hard cases in a variety of materials.  Their clear cases let you show off your style with great graphic designs, while still letting the gorgeous color of your phone shine through. Wood and cork cases are perfect if you love a cool, handcrafted look, or if you just need to cover up scuffs and scratches.

Milkyway cork

Milkyway black gold

Whether your style personality is more bright and colorful, or muted and subdued, Milkyway has a case that will show off your taste. You won’t find more beautiful floral cases anywhere else, and their stunning Gold Series (designed specifically for iPhone’s gold and rose gold shades) will add some low-key glam to your cell and your outfit.


Your cell is a great canvas to show off the things you love, and picking out a great phone case doesn’t just have to be about protecting your phone from nasty tumbles. Instead, Milkyway gives cellphone owners (so, pretty much everyone) a way to combine artistic sensibilities with great technology. The things you use everyday should give you joy, so why not look at an adorable pup or great print every time you send a text?


Because Milkyway’s hard cases are so affordable, you can even have a few on hand to dress up your phone for a night on the town. Foodies will love showing off their delicious passions with cases featuring pizza, ice cream, bubble tea, donuts, and all kinds of other treats. Thank goodness the case will also protect your cell from drool.


With all of the battery-draining cellphone activities we enjoy (GPS, Pokemon Go, and of course, shopping on Yroo), it’s also a good idea to bring along a backup power source so you don’t have to make that unexpected emergency call on 2% battery life. Milkyway’s fun and super-handy power banks hold enough juice to give your dying phone a full charge, so you don’t have to camp next to an outlet or scrounge around the office for a charger you can borrow.

Milkyway charger

It might be a bit of a stretch to say that the cellphone is our new best friend, but there aren’t many things we’re so connected to every day. And like a great friendship, if you treat your cell well, it just might stick by your side for a long time. Isn’t that sweet?


Happy shopping!


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