Top 10 Things that are Worth Every Penny

What’s the difference between being cheap and frugal? Well, one means always paying the lowest price for anything, and the other means spending the money when you know you’ll get your money’s worth. Because let’s face it, there are some things that are worth the extra coin! Shopping smart isn’t always about buying the cheapest things. It’s also about getting the best value.

1. An Indestructible Phone Case

LifeProof phone case for iPhone.

Whether you’re an Otterbox person or a LifeProof fanatic, we’ve got tons of great phone cases on Yroo that will help you protect your best companion.

2. A Durable Duffel

Man sitting beside his duffel bag.

Like this old time Yroo favorite from Herschel Supply. The built-in shoe compartment is the cherry on top.

3. A Really Really Good Pair of Windshield Wipers

Bosch Icon windshield wiper blades in the box.

Like these Bosch Icons.

4. Good Toilet Paper

A pack of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper.

It’s about the simple pleasures in life, right?

5. Gloves

Man wearing leather gloves with touch tips for use on his iPhone.

Invest in a good leather pair with touch pads.

6. A Good Quality Laptop Sleeve

3 different laptop sleeves from Firecult.

These leather sleeves from Firecult are sleek and practical.

7. A Dyson Vacuum

Woman using the Dyson Cordless vacuum.

We know, these can be a little pricey. But feel good knowing you’ll save as much as possible with Yroo, plus get a life-changing vacuum!

8. A Roomba Vacuum

Roomba robotic vacuum.

And if you hate vacuuming, let the robotic Roomba vacuum do it for you!

9. 1000 Thread Sheets

1000 thread sheet sets from Wal Mart.

You don’t know until you’ve slept in them.

10. An Electric Toothbrush

Pink Philips electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes have never looked so sleek. And definitely worth the investment if you’re visiting the dentist less frequently!

There’s an old saying that goes “buy right or buy twice”, and it couldn’t be more true. Take it from us, we believe in shopping smarter – and that doesn’t always mean cheaper!


Happy shopping!


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