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How many items in your home bring a smile to your face? Family photos and sentimental souvenirs can give you that warm, homey feeling. But what about everyday objects, like your coffee mugs, memo pads, and alarm clocks? Sure, they’re useful, but how many of them are designed to show off your sense of humor or love of design? There’s no reason the things we normally think of as utilitarian can’t also be whimsical, clever, and make our guests ask Where did you get that?”. Home accessories from Kikkerland will keep you grinning from ear to ear whether you’re taking a bath, getting ready for bed, or mixing yourself a well-deserved cocktail.

Kikkerland mug tea

Every room in your house should have a sense of fun – after all, home is where you’re going to spend most of your time. Give your kitchen’s style a boost with unique Kikkerland accessories that you’ll use every single day.  Vintage-look timers, comical ice cube trays, and cute tea infusers will bring creativity back into those repetitive kitchen tasks that usually make you feel like a robot.

Kikkerland kitchen

Common household tools like hammers and scissors are rarely candidates for dramatic re-design, but the team at Kikkerland isn’t content to let your toolbox look like everyone else’s. Instead, they’ve figured out how to turn the handle of your hammer into a useful multi-tool. And why can’t your tools take some design inspiration from nature? Shears that look like the beak of a toucan are better than boring old grey scissors any day.

Kikkerland multitool

Of course, home accessories can’t just spending all their time lying around looking good. They have to be functional, too. All of Kikkerland’s gadgets exist to add a little bit of extra time or organization to your daily tasks. Want to keep your house more tidy, without much effort? Try storing your bedtime items or couch potato supplies within easy reach in this handy felt caddy. Or organize your desk with space-saving pen holders that also double as a planter for your succulents.

Kikkerland bedroom

kikkerland office

Kikkerland’s functional, creative spirit also shines through in their fantastic selection of clocksRetro styles will give your bedroom that Mad Men feeling, or you can adopt a stripped-down, industrial look with a clock that’s strictly gears. If you have trouble deciding between your old school taste and modern sensibilities, then embrace both with this quirky (and space saving) take on a grandfather clock.

kikkerland clock

Of course, great design doesn’t always have to mean pure utility. Take, for example, Kikkerland’s fun creepy-crawly mechanical wind-ups. Perfect for the kid in your life, or the kid in you, these endlessly entertaining toys serve no real purpose other than to make you laugh and give you a break from a day full of deadlines. Wind one up and let it wander from room to room, making friends with the rest of your Kikkerland gizmos. Just make sure you don’t step on it later.

kikkerland wind up toy


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