Wear Tentree and Help Heal the Planet

Smart shopping means different things to different people. Some of us will walk to the ends of the earth (ok, to the ends of the mall or maybe the end of the street to our mailbox) for a bargain. Others prefer to avoid the chaos of busy parking lots and piles of junk mail, and would much rather shop from home in the comfort of their favorite pajamas. Others still want to make a difference with their wallets, and shop with the health of the planet in mind. But what about the smart shopper who wants the bargain, the convenience, and environmentally friendly products, all wrapped up in one seamless experience? Well, those clever people shop for Tentree on Yroo.


Companies new and old are finding creative ways to meet consumer demands for sustainable products and green shopping, and Tentree has come up with one of the coolest and most unique business models yet. For every purchase of one of their products (super-soft pullovers, t-shirts, sweats, hats), Tentree will plant – you guessed it – 10 trees, in locations around the world that need them most. We all know that plants are necessary for the very air we breathe, and with strategic planting, Tentree also hopes to improve soil fertility and community health all over this beautiful, fragile planet of ours.

tentree tee

tentree mens tee

It might seem too good to be true that the simple act of shopping online could be a form of activism, but Tentree is changing the world by making that dream a reality. We all need to own comfortable clothing basics, like t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and bags. On any given day, you might be wearing all four of these things at once. That’s forty potential trees you could help add to the world, just by buying some great clothes! How cool is that?

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Because of Yroo’s commitment to donating 1% of its annual revenues to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet, you can feel even more excited about the green impact of shopping for Tentree from your very own couch. Think about it – you don’t even need to be wearing pants to help save the world. Not even Superman can do that (although we kind of wish he would try).

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Of course, the promise of having 10 trees planted for every item purchased is far from the only great thing about Tentree. Made with soft and sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester and organic cotton, your Tentree tee or sweater is designed to last whether you’re a living room lounger, weekend warrior, or alpine adventurer. Perfect for the tiny cubicle or the great outdoors, your Tentree garments will be your go-to whenever you want to feel relaxed, comfortable and warm.

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When you’re gathered around the campfire (or the water cooler), and someone asks you where you got your incredible shirt, you can be proud to tell them about how Tentree makes you feel and look good, inside and out. Then you’ll think to yourself, “What a wonderful world.”

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Happy shopping!


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