Make Your Cooking Cutting Edge with Schmidt Bros.

A great chef swears by three things – a little bit of creativity, a lot of practice, and a great knife. The first two traits can be mastered by anyone who shows enough patience and a willingness to deal with an inevitable kitchen disaster from time to time. You might even say that culinary artists are made, not born. But a great knife?  To use a very old phrase, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Or, to be more precise, you can’t produce culinary wonders with a cheap, dull knife. If you want to be a cutting board wizard, then find your magical powers with Schmidt Brothers cutlery.

Schmidt Brothers

The Schmidt Brothers (yes, they’re two very real, BBQ-loving siblings) understand that quality knife-making is an art. Dismayed by the number of poorly-made knives frustrating home chefs everywhere, they set out to produce beautifully designed, modern knives made from the best quality German stainless steel. A Schmidt Brothers knife is yours for a lifetime. Designed with comfortable handles in a variety of materials, and strong, high-carbon steel blades, your knife will show incredible durability throughout years of chopping, slicing, and peeling.

Schmidt Brothers barbecue

For the aspiring chef looking for high-performance tools at affordable prices, Schmidt Brothers have produced an ultra-sleek series of Titanium-coated knives that will give you Iron Chef powers without sending your wallet to the chopping block. A patented curve on the handle will ensure your comfort and control through countless hours of dicing, and the lightweight design will let you save the gun show for the gym.

Schmidt Brothers

In addition to making superhero chef’s knives (Warning: Using your kitchen knives to pretend to be Wolverine is both dangerous and not recommended), Schmidt Brothers also produces top quality kitchen accessories, barbecue tools, and cutting boards to help take your cooking skills to the next level.

Schmidt Brothers cheese board

Of course, it hardly seems fair to keep all the best knives to yourself. Save your guests the hassle of sawing away at your perfectly-cooked steak by handing them a super-sharp Schmidt Brothers steak knife. With handle designs available in teak, bone, or stainless steel, you’ll have no problem finding a set of knives that match your personal taste.

Schmidt Brothers

Knives this great don’t deserve to be hidden away. Display your Schmidt Brothers knives in a wood block or a modern, clear case for easy access and to help keep your fingers safe from cuts that can happen when rummaging through a drawer. Think of the satisfaction you’ll get from slicing into fresh bread, or filleting fish, when you don’t have to mangle the job with an insufficient tool. And if you doubt that Schmidt Brothers cutlery will make a difference in your life, go do a little experiment for us. Try to cleanly slice a tomato with your cheapest kitchen knife. Or, save yourself the wasted tomato and just believe us when we say that life is short. Splurge for the good knife.

Schmidt Brothers


Happy cooking!


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