Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets for Under $20

Food. We can’t (and wouldn’t want to) live without it. But life is busy, and there’s not always time to cook up a gourmet meal. We too often find ourselves throwing in a frozen lasagna, heating up leftover Kraft Dinner or scrambling eggs again. And with the rising cost of groceries and the media telling us to eat healthier, weeknight meals can leave us feeling pretty unsatisfied. But what if all that’s needed to make fast and fancy meals are the right tools? While not all of us are expert chefs when it comes to cooking, these 10 affordable kitchen gadgets are sure to make us feel like one.

1. A Hand-Held Spiralizer


Easily make healthy and delicious meals with this bad boy, like zucchini pasta!

2. A Silicone Spatula


Get every last bit of cake mix out of the bowl with this awesome rubbery material. Don’t worry, you can still lick it.

3. An Apple Divider


Why not make it as easy as possible to have a healthy snack with an apple divider! This one even has a cover to help prevent juice splatter.

4. An Avocado Slicer


Because avocados = life.

5. This Strainer for Cans


And from only $2.39 on Yroo!

6. A Garlic Twist


Also use this handy gadget for perfectly mincing shallots and ginger!

7. An Ove Glove

Person wearing an Ove Glove and pulling freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

Flame resistant, machine washable, and only $11.99 at Target.

8. This Super Cute Herb Stripper and Freezable Storage Container

Kitchen tool that strips and stores herbs.

Because once you go fresh, you just can’t go back to dried.

9. A Flexible Cutting Board


Cooking just got a whole lot less messy.

10. A Milk Frother


Or should we say pumpkin spiced latte frother?

These kitchen gadgets are affordable, practical, and are sure to make any frozen dinner culprit feel like an expert chef. Our days are busy with various commitments whether it be work, school, kids maybe even all three. But meals are like little pockets of down-time, and they should be enjoyed fully!


Happy shopping!


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