Give Fall Feet some Summer Comfort in Tretorn

Unless you live in a sunny and snow-less paradise, October is the time for warm mugs of tea, snuggly scarves, and long walks through the crunchy, fallen leaves. And if you’re not prepared, it can also be a time of cold toes and chattering teeth. Are your stylish suede boots soaking up the rain like a sponge, or your cool canvas high tops turning your feet into ice blocks no matter how thick your socks are? The key to enjoying the fall and looking forward to the winter is simple – preparation, with warm and waterproof boots from Tretorn.

Tretorn rubber boot

Founded 125 years ago in Sweden as a manufacturer of high-quality rubber, Tretorn has had plenty of years to perfect the art of keeping feet warm and dry. Made with natural rubber and breathable yet cozy linings, you won’t find a better boot for splashing around in those rain puddles or cleaning out the garden before the first winter snow.

Tretorn Nylite Camden

For those of you who take to the indoor tennis court at the first sign of frost, Tretorn’s iconic Nylite sneaker will help keep you active when the sidewalks start to get slippery. Lightweight and cool, they’re also the perfect shoe to pack for your winter vacation at the beach. If you like the low profile look of of the Nylite, then also check out Tretorn’s casual yet snazzy Camden sneaker.

Tretorn hightop

Made in variety of styles for both men and women, Tretorn’s waterproof and winter boots have a clean and sporty look that won’t seem out of place on the street, in the office, or on the hiking trail. Lace up or slip on, ankle or knee-high, fleece or faux fur-lined, there’s a perfect Tretorn boot to meet the demands of the changing weather and your personal style.

Tretorn hightop

Not content only to make the ideal rubber rain boot and perfect luxury sport shoe, Tretorn has also mastered the ever-trendy and versatile high top. Comfortable and modern, Tretorn high tops in leather, canvas, or rubber will look great over a pair of skinny jeans, under dress pants, or with a dress and a warm pair of tights. Don’t worry, with these high tops the skateboard is optional.

Tretorn rubber boot

Tretorn rubber boot

Practicality doesn’t have to look dowdy or dorky. By combining waterproof materials with clean design and simple color schemes, Tretorn has made boots and jackets that have a timeless appeal and won’t be thrown in the donation bin after just one season. When the rain starts to fall and the snowdrifts pile high, you want your boots to be as sturdy as you are. With Tretorn, your feet will be so happy you might not even notice as October slips into November. And before you know it, it will be sneaker season again. Until then, put on the kettle, wrap yourself in a blanket or two, and put some good boots in your closet.

Tretorn winter boot


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