The Spookiest Things on Yroo

It’s the spook-spookiest time of the year. And since we have basically every product ever made on Yroo for all the happy seasons, it’s only fair that we make a list of the spookiest things for this dark, more eerie season. Why? Because spooky things never get to shine. They’re usually tucked away, forgotten about in the attic, left to collect dust. Or they’re in our basements, in that dark storage room we never like to go into. Or maybe they’re under our beds and in our closets, being borrowed by the monsters that once haunted our bedrooms. Dare us to talk about what they are?

1. Horse Heads


These have become quite trendy lately. We have no idea why. But we do know they’re pretty spooky.

2. These Keep Calm Signs


Sure to keep you calm, just not for too long.

3. This Giant (Fake) Furry Spider


Sure to spook the bejesus out of you.

4. This Set of Animal Specimens.


Real ones.

5. This Poor Soul 


It kicks. It screams. It’s just so realistic, and spooky.

6. Creepy Clown Masks


Use wisely – you don’t want to end up on the local news!

7. This Glowing Eyeball Doorbell that Watches your Every Move


Anybody home?

8. This Demon Dishwasher Door Decal


Remember that “thing” from Stranger Things? It’s come for your dishes.

9. Wolf Urine


It’s real purpose is to keep smaller, unwanted animals away. B-b-but what if it attracts MORE WOLVES? Spooky!

10. Human Skulls


Ok, these aren’t real. But they’re awfully close.


Happy spooking!


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