Top 10 Movember Essentials

Ahh, Movember. Also known as No-Shave-November, Movember is the annual event in which moustaches are grown all over the world to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. Many Mo-Bros (and Mo-Sistas) have embraced this cause, sporting all kinds of moustache styles, swag, and grooming products.


Let us take you on the ultimate moustache ride through the top 10 Movember essentials you can shop smarter for on Yroo!

1. The Moustache Mug


Morning coffee just got even BETTER.

2. The “Tache Tamer’s Toolbox”


Complete with a pair of sharp scissors, a handmade comb, and sandalwood-scented wax, this kit will be your best friend all Movember long.

3. A Moustache Piñata


Perfect for your Movember Mo-Down Party.

4. This Talking Moustache Keychain


5. These Fancy Moustache Cufflinks


What better way to commemorate the moustache than with the Movemeber moustache cufflinks?

6. This Adorable Movember Print Pooch Bed


So that your best friend can show some support, too.

7. This Moustache Watch


So you’ll be reminded it’s not time to shave yet.

8. These Cute Moustache Socks


9. A Pair of TOM’s Movember Classics


These limited edition kicks feature the official Movember Foundation logo.

10. This Very Manly Flask


If you can’t grow a moustache, you can at least drink from one.

1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in life. So come on guys and girls, Mo-Bros and Mo-Sistas, help raise awareness by rocking a lip sweater or sporting these fun Movember essentials, or of course by actually registering for the cause at


Happy Movember!


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