Want to look cool and feel comfortable? I Would Wear This.

Comfort has a unique definition for every person, especially when it comes to fashion. Some of us won’t leave the house without first putting on a shirt and tie, or a great pair of heels. Others live in yoga gear and sneakers, no matter the occasion.  Whatever you decide to wear, your clothes should meet your own definition of comfort and make you feel great in your own skin. And if all of your favorite clothes are laid back, super soft, and just a little bit quirky, then I Would Wear This might be the brand for you.

I Would Wear This sweater hoodie

Based in Vancouver, Canada, I Would Wear This is a new company making waves in the world of cool and casual apparel. Many of their products are made in North America from high quality soft and breathable fabrics like fine jersey and cotton fleece, perfect for making t-shirts you’ll wear day after day. Great graphic design details finish off their not-quite-basic tees, tanks, and sweaters to give you a chill and relaxed vibe that doesn’t lack in personality.

I Would Wear This Tank

With plenty of tees in a variety of colors and designs available for men and women, you’ll find no shortage of shirts perfect for mornings at the coffee shop, afternoons in the park, and nights shooting pool at the pub. Let your t-shirt broadcast your love of tacos (or even broccoli), or share an inspirational message by wearing an upbeat and positive I Would Wear This graphic tee.

I Would Wear This Mens T Shirt

I Would Wear This Mens T Shirt

For a sporty look that’s comfortable and casual, but also perfect for a night on the town, then check out these eye-catching I Would Wear This dresses and skirts, made from stretchy and smooth microfiber yarn. Printed with incredible graphics and made in L.A., theses dresses are sure to make you look (and feel) as cool and creative as you are.

I Would Wear This Dress

If t-shirts are getting a little bit too cold for the weather or your air-conditioned office, then I Would Wear This has you covered (literally) with longer-sleeved raglan tops or zip-up hooded sweatshirts in unisex designs that will keep you comfortably warm but won’t make it impossible for you to close your winter jacket.

I Would Wear This Womens T Shirt

I Would Wear This

Of course, everyone’s definition of comfort probably includes a soft place to rest your head. Pillows from I Would Wear This will add character to your couch, and their other accessories, like tote bags, socks, and iPhone cases are designed to bring chill-out style to your everyday life. When you feel relaxed and confident, there’s almost nothing you can’t do, even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt. Or, as I Would Wear This would put it, “inspirational quote here.”

I Would Wear This Pillow

I Would Wear This Phone Case

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