Tips for Thoughtful Gifts

You have good intentions for gifting to a loved one. You think about what to gift, maybe you stress over it a bit too, until procrastination gets the best of you. A sense of urgency ensues. It’s the day before the big gift exchange and you resort to buying a gift card. The thought is still there though, right? All good, we’ve all been there.

And there’s nothing wrong with giving or receiving a gift card. I just know that I’m the person who, for some reason, will personally receive one and hold onto it, waiting for the perfect item to buy. It often turns into Christmas all over again when I stumble across the unused gift card found in last year’s wallet.

My favorite gifts, instead, are ones that take you by surprise. Something that I wouldn’t buy for myself or maybe something I didn’t know I wanted or needed–until it was mine. For example, I can’t remember what life of doing my old makeup routine was like before being gifted a BeautyBlender for my birthday. I also know that before that, I would not have spent $20 on a makeup sponge. I try to keep that in mind when buying for others.

That all said, being thoughtful definitely takes a little time and some inspiration. With a dash of effort, $30 spent on a thoughtful gift way outshines the $30 gift card from any retailer.

So cast your ballot on these thoughtful, fairly budget-friendly gift tips that I’m sure will buy you the majority vote in the hearts of your loved ones. Not rigged, guaranteed.


Tip #1: Stretch out the value in gifts sets

Value sets and gift baskets are plentiful for the holiday season. Shop for a set that you know would call out to a few of your friends and divvy up the products to make multiple gifts! You can even take a couple goodies for yourself in the process. I won’t tell. You can separate trios of pans, cutting boards, and kitchen knives to make three gifts, each costing under $30. And for a personal touch, add a custom kitchen accessory like a personalized oven mitt.

gift set ideas.002.jpeg

Tip #2: Consider the giftee’s lifestyle

This seems like it would be a no-brainer, but really think about the person you’re gifting for and their interests or current mindset. Are you gifting to someone travelling during the holidays? Whale in that case, it’s hard to resist this cute swimsuit bag (Home Goods Galore, $17.15). Think about the small things that your friend might be overlooking, but are missing out on. Fill it up with travel essentials like all natural nail polish, which doesn’t require a nail polish remover, and a shampoo bar to fulfill any traveller’s on-the-go showering needs.


Tip #3: Take it from Pinterest

Pinterest is loaded with gift ideas and DIYs sure to inspire you. I did the digging for some gift pinspiration and my personal fave so far is the Bar in a Jar. Perfect for a friend who loves to indulge in a weekend (or weeknight) bevy or two. Throw in the liquors of choice, cost depending on preference, and add some drinking accessories like a beer opener or nifty vacuum sealed wine stopper to make it the ultimate kit!

Bar in a Jar

I hope I’ve inspired you to skip the gift cards and shop with thought using these three gift tips this holiday season!

gift box

Happy gift giving!



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