Bring the Barbershop to Your Bathroom with Jack Black Skincare

With Movember already in full swing, it’s likely that you’ve started seeing mustaches sprouting up all around you on the faces of friends and family. There’s no doubt that facial hair is in right now, but while beards, goatees and clean-shaven faces might rise and fall on the roller coaster of trends, there’s one thing that will never go out of style: old-fashioned good grooming. And with essential skin care and shaving products from Jack Black, you can bring the barbershop experience to your very own bathroom.

Jack Black Skin Care Shave

Jack Black has all of the creams, pomades, gels, and oils you need to keep your skin and hair hydrated and happy. Formulated with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, kelp extract, organic green tea, and jojoba, Jack Black shampoos and body washes will not only make you feel clean (and smell great), but they’ll actually improve the look of your skin and hair with every use.

Jack Black Skin Care Shave

Every man has different grooming concerns depending on the climate they live in, what activities they like to do, and how much time they want to spend on themselves in the morning. With most of Jack Black’s product line working double-duty for your skin (exfoliating and moisturizing, or cleaning and cooling), you won’t have to worry about taking up any extra time to look and feel as great as possible. Lightweight moisturizers for face and body will keep flakiness at bay during dry winter months, and products with SPF protection will be useful all year round to save your skin from unnecessary sun damage.

Jack Black Skin Care Shave

If your Movember mustache or magnificent beard is in need of a little taming and TLC, then look no further than Jack Black’s shaving tools. Try out the double edge safety razor for a superior shave that will make you say goodbye to those ineffective and irritating drugstore razors. After a shave, treat your face to a soothing post-shave cooling gel, formulated with aloe and sage to calm redness and encourage healing for any of those unintended nicks or cuts.

Jack Black Hair

For those who have said farewell to the daily shave and embraced their inner mountain man, then Jack Black’s beard grooming kit will be perfect for maintaining some truly impressive facial hair. Featuring a beard cleanser, transparent shaving oil (so you can see where you’re shaving), conditioner, and travel-sized beard comb, all you’ll need to do is add a trimmer to maintain a beard that anyone would envy.

Jack Black Skin Care Shave

Even if you’re not tending to your very own beard, products from Jack Black will make the perfect gift for any man in your life who wants to embody suave without making regular trips to the local barbershop. Body spray, exfoliating body bars, creamy lotions and fresh fragrances will make for perfect stocking stuffers, and beautiful gift sets will help keep that Movember feeling going all year round.

Jack Black Skin Care Shave


Happy shaving!


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